Destiny ViDoc: Out Here in the Wild

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"This is how we ViDoc."

Out Here in the Wild is the second Destiny ViDoc. It served to sum up much of the information already known about Destiny as well as showing a brief glimpse of PvP.


  • Christopher Barrett:"The number one priority was to make a world, that people wanted to be in."
  • Christopher Barrett:"Something that you want to go back to and explore and to have enough variety where never get bored."
  • Ryan Ellis:"We take it to a lot of places, you see a lot of things, there's a lot of strange creatures, monsters and beings and ships and worlds."
  • Joseph Staten:"What i think is gonna be most exciting for people who play Destiny is the social experience of colliding with other people in this big world."
  • Joseph Staten: "It's not something that happens in most action games."
  • Patrick O' Kelley: "Your choices; the character class, the character race, will condition the way that characters are gonna evolve over time."
  • Lars Bakken: "The character that you're building over time, your character, you in the game is the character you use everywhere."
  • M.E. Chung: "You're gonna understand where they came from, what they went through to get there."
  • Josh Hamrick: "In Destiny we've come up with a three weapon system, so we have a primary slot and that's for the very personal Assault rifles or Scout Rifles or other weapons and then we have a special slot that is useful for in the moment this gun is easily my best option."
  • Josh Hamrick: "The totally new one is the heavy slot, that is all about all about causing unrealistically large amounts of damage over a very small window of time."
  • Kurt Nellis: "One of my favorite features in the game is the new elements of cooperative play."
  • Eric Osborne: "You want them to meet different people or invite their friends into that experience and have a great public event that kicks off in this crossover space where some players are moving over toward strike, or other players that are on a story journey. There's something really magical about running into another player especially when you don't expect it, so you hear shots ring out and you look to the left and there is your friend. There he is like their is no matchmaking, he just pops right in, it's all your choice, if you wanna play with other players you can actually do it, if you don't, you just go off on your own adventure."
  • Lars Bakken: "This game has an activity for every mood. You walk into these areas where you've got these campaign missions, you've got Strikes, you've got Raids, you've got Public Events that naturally occur in the world and then you also have competitive multiplayer."
  • Sage Merrill: "Supers are interesting, i mean there is that raw expression of power. So some of them are really easy, I blow stuff up or "Hulk smash" three guys, or if you have a Nova Bomb you're like yeah throw a fireball at these guys and those guys over there are gonna blow up. It's, like if it looks like a dragon, then it probably breathes fire."
  • Natasha Tatarchuk: "Getting loot is really damn exciting, it's a satisfying feeling, what is this gonna enable me to do, what did I win, what is this ability, how is it gonna look."
  • Eric Osborne: "If we can simentanously capture amazing action games, but still allow players to customize it for themselves and they can pick the path that they wanna take. If we hit all those elements...
  • Sage Merrill: "...we can follow up that lighting a second time.