A Light in the Dark (Quest)

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A Light in the Dark
Exotic Weapon quest banner.png


Rise of Iron expansion

Quest giver:

Completing Quests for Shiro-4



This is a story told in whispers, the story of a darker path. Would you follow? Would you dare?

A Light in the Dark (quest) is a level 40 Exotic Quest from Rise of Iron. By completing the quest, players will receive Thorn, an Exotic Hand Cannon. Players can acquire the Quest by completing Iron Lord Bounties for Shiro-4.


Echoes of Darkness[edit]

"A sickness is needed, bound in darkness. Bathe your Light in horrors that their stain may linger but not overwhelm. This is the first step upon the hated path"
— Dredgen Vale, Rite of Cleansing

Harvest of the Lesser[edit]

  • Task: Wipe out Fallen in the Plaguelands to feed the weapon's appetite.

"A weapon hungers. A weapon must be fed. Sate its growing appetite that you may truly become death itself."
— Dredgen Vale, Rite of Cleansing

Feast Upon the Light[edit]

  • Task: Use Void Damage to defeat Guardians in the Crucible.

"There will be suffering, but know that you do this for a just cause. If the Darkness is to be defeated, it must be understood. The Void will siphon that which the weapon needs. And the weapon will feast."
— Dredgen Vale, Rite of Cleansing
  • Objective: Obtain 125 Void Kills in Crucible.
  • Tips: No points lost upon death.

Cleansed by the Light[edit]

  • Task: Consume Motes of Light to cleanse yourself and the weapon.

"Willful death and destruction leads to the dimming of one's Light. Those who walk this path must cleanse themselves, or succumb to the shadow's influence."
— Dredgen Vale, Rite of Cleansing

Where It Began[edit]

"The sickness is seeded. Claim the ash and bone of the Unwed from their resting place. Bind them to your cannon that the disease may take hold and your jagged thorns be set."
— Dredgen Vale, Rite of Cleansing