Luna's Calling

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Luna's Calling is a Destiny 2 questline introduced following the completion of the main storyline of Shadowkeep. The quests involves retrieving mementos of Eris Morn's former fireteam, thus ridding the Nightmares of her fireteam from haunting her.


The mementos of Eris' fireteam.

This questline consists of five quests, unlocked weekly from Eris Morn at Sanctuary on the Moon. These memories are:

The memories are only available for completion once a week, with the new quest retrieved after every weekly reset. Following the completion of each memory, the player receives insight into the fates of each fireteam member, and cures Eris Morn from her Nightmares haunting her, bringing peace to Eris Morn and the memories of her fireteam.

  • The only way to unlock the Exotic Rocket Launcher Deathbringer is by completing the Memory of Sai Mota, from which the exotic quest will be retrieved from the chest at the end of the quest.