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Hefnd is an Ahamkara who was felled by Lord Shaxx during the Great Ahamkara Hunt. After his bones were placed in a ruined castle by Shaxx, his essence would persist and eventually befriend Warlord Naeem. After the House of Kings attacked the ruined fortress, Naeem's wish to Hefnd had unintentionally turned the dead Kings into Scorn.


During the time of the Great Hunt, Hefnd would engage in a altercation with Lord Shaxx. Although Hefnd would kill the Titan fourteen times during their battle, Shaxx's strength would be too much for the Ahamkara to handle as Hefnd would ultimately be slain by the former Warlord. Ultimately recognizing that the Ahamkara were a force of nature, Shaxx would decide to place Hefnd's remains within the ruins of a Dark Age castle in the European Dead Zone.

Sometime after the Great Hunt, the former Warlord Naeem would travel to the castle after learning about the whereabouts of Hefnd's remains. Following Hefnd's whispers, Naeem would wish for kindness upon approaching his skull. Hefnd would laugh at Naeem, stating that there was very little kindness left while also speaking the consequences this wish would have and asking her if this was what she truly wished for. Naeem would respond by admitting she had used her power for the wrong choices like him to survive. She would than ask him if he would rather be loved than feared, causing Hefnd to be silent and consider accepting this bargain. The former Warlord would speak about Shaxx and reveal she knew that Hefnd respected his determination, while asking him to allow her to use his power to spread kindness to make amends for her wrongdoings as a Warlord. Hefnd would remark that charity does not satiate his hunger, causing Naeem to offer to take the debts of these wishes instead. Cackling and hissing at this selfless act, asking her if she would take these debts, to which Naeem responded that she had many lives to give for the debts of these wishes. After Naeem placed her hand on his skull, Hefnd grants her wish.[1]

Using Hefnd's power, Naeem grants wishes to the people of villages within the European Dead Zone. Overtime Hefnd comes to forms a strong friendship with Naeem. However the House of Kings would learn about Naeem's reputation and would storm the castle desiring to use Hefnd's power for themselves.[2] Upon assaulting the castle, 5he House of Kings would kill Naeem, however in her final breath she would wish that "her vengeance follow them into the grave."[3] Yearning to avenge the death of his friend, Hefnd waits for hundreds of years for an opportunity to enact her final wish.

Due to Xivu Arath's banishment from her Throne World, many Taken had become aimless without the direction of their master. Exploiting their desire for purpose, Hefnd lures hordes of Taken to his castle with his commanding will,[4] and uses their corruption to raise the dead House of Kings members as Scorn.[5] However this action would come at a cost, as Hefnd's remains would become poisoned with Taken corruption.[6] The Scorn at the castle would appear to form a culture around his bones, placing them at shrines as well as worshipping Chieftain Totems that possess fragments of his bones within Taken Blights. Eventually Fikrul, the Fanatic sends five of his Knights to claim these Scorn at the castle, however Hefnd breaks these Knights and bends them to his will.[7]

When Crow and Petra Venj learn about this Scorn presence on Earth, they send a fireteam led by the Guardian to investigate. Upon arriving at the Warlord's Ruin, the Guardians defeat Rathil, First Broken Knight of Fikrul, causing the Blighted Chimera serving as his avatar to appear and teleport them into a prison cell. After escaping the cells, the fireteam traverse further up the fortress and defeat the Locus of Wailing Grief, and finally Hefnd's avatar. The Guardians continue their investigation and collect Hefnd's different bones scattered across the castle, learning of the story of himself and Naeem. Overtime with the Guardians reuniting Hefnd's bones and slaying the Scorn within the castle, Naeem's wish of vengeance is complete, making Hefnd feel joyful at these Scorn's demise and finally allowing him to rest in peace knowing he will see Naeem again.


  • Hefnd is Icelandic for "revenge" or "vengeance."