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Gol was a Ghost who was partnered with the Titan Orin before her transformation into the Emissary of the Nine.


Campaign Against Warlords

"My guess is that a Warlord raided this place for its livestock and then set off a bomb."
"Why not? No one was here to stop them.
— Gol and Orin discussing the irradiated village they discovered

Gol discovered a Awoken corpse within a forest and found that he was able to resurrect them. Upon bringing his Lightbearer to life, she requested he name her and decided to call her Orin. He requested a name from her as well and she dubbed him Gol, although she was unsure why. Gol quickly began explaining things about the world to Orin, including that there was a settlement a few days to the east. However, Fallen patrolled the roads on the way to the village and would kill them if they were caught. Orin grabbed a large branch and asked it would work against the aliens as a weapon, but Gol told her it would not and warned that the Fallen had guns. Despite this, his new Lightbearer stripped the smaller branches to craft a sturdier mace.[1]

When they reached the village the found it a smoldering ruin with no survivors. Gol scanned the area and detected radiation and determined that a Warlord had probably utilized fission weapons and warned Orin to keep her distance. However Orin wanted a closer look and entered the ruins, where they found the bodies of the villagers. She questioned what had done this and if it was the aliens, but Gol told her that aliens did not use radiation weapons due to it ruining the land and that a Warlord was responsible, likely setting off the bomb after stealing the livestock. His Lightbearer wanted to know why and when this had happened, and Gol explained that they did it because they could without anyone to stop them and that it had probably happened within the last thirty-six hours. Orin lamented that she should have walked faster and began vomiting from the radiation. Gol warned her that they needed to go and that she needed to leave before dying of radiation sickness and get stuck in a loop of dying and reviving.[1]

Together the two began scavenging better weapons and armor, which Orin used in a campaign against the local Warlords. They eventually met with a group of other Lightbearers known as the Pilgrim Guard and were welcomed into their ranks as protectors of civilians and refugee convoys. Gol tried to comfort Orin after she confessed to him that she felt restless about her origins and wanted to know more, but also felt like a monster for not being content with her friends and purpose.[2] The Pilgrim Guard eventually began taking refugees to the growing camp below the Traveler that was called "The Last City". Gol and Orin were astounded by the number of people who had gathered there and decided to remain for a time so that Orin could search for answers about her origins.[3]

Into the Reef

"I tried to tell you. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."
— Gol to Orin after she learned the truth about Wu Ming

Gol and Orin eventually met Namqi Sen, an Awoken from the Reef who offered to tell them about it and eventually agreed to smuggle them into the territory through the Vestian Outpost. When they were half-a-day away from the capital of Interamnia they were intercepted and arrested by Queen Mara Sov's forces. In prison they were visited by the Queen's Wrath Sjur Eido, who seemingly recognized Orin from her former life and studied Gol, noting that she had hoped it would not have come to this. When Orin was brought before the Queen Gol was not allowed to accompany her, but Mara proved merciful and only asked for a future boon from Orin and Gol for their trespass amongst the Reef.[4]

Over the next few centuries Gol accompanied Orin on her adventures with Namqi across the inner planets of the Sol System as they delved into humanities past and working odd jobs. They were eventually summoned by Queen Mara during the Reef Wars and were asked to investigate the murder of Sjur Eido, their only lead a strange coin placed on the body. Their investigation led them to a cavern on a moon where they found a mysterious robed being with tentacles on his face. They began to interrogate him as he asked them to forgive someone, but Gol shouted a warning to Orin when the creature reached into his robe. Orin wounded him with a mighty blow from her hammer, causing him to drop a jar filled with ashes before disappearing.[4]

The strange encounter with the being severely affected Orin's mental state and the Nine began to plague her thoughts. Gol tried to help her understand what was going on along with Namqi and Mara, but they were unable to stop her from hunting for the creature for both her mission and herself. During that period, Namqi was killed by an Aphelion while both Gol and Orin were unable to be reached, which they do not learn of for months.[5] While grieving, Orin met a drifter calling himself Wu Ming who was a supposed friend of Namqi, but Gol recognized as a former friend and comrade of Orin's from the Pilgrim Guard. Gol tried to warn his Guardian of Wu Ming's deceit as he plied her with questions about the Nine,[6] but Orin only accepted the truth about the Drifter after meeting Callum Sol.[7]

Orin's grief and madness eventually drove her to the Nine and she was transformed into their Emissary. Gol's fate after this transformation is unclear, although one vision seen by the Young Wolf of Orin's life featured a Ghost dropping dead when the Nine claim that Orin lost everything in her new role.[8]

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