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Esoriks, Lion's Anguish
Driviks, the Chosen
Biographical information


Fallen (formerly)


House of Lions (formerly)




Baron (formerly)
Revenant Captain



Combat information


Rising Malice
Patrol Mumbai
Patrol Mars
Patrol Europa


Malice Shrapnel Launcher


Penumbral Missiles
High Durability
Health Regeneration
Rapid Movement
Summon Revenants
Summon Malice Pools
Summon Obelisk


"Esoriks was one of my best Fallen soldiers you would ever see, very skilled in the tech she could be given. But alas...thanks Kalrix's damn campaign to destroy the City, she was killed. Now those Bastards from that other Dimension have risen her to their whims. So you know what to do...Put her out of her misery."

Esoriks, the Fierce Claw was once a Baroness of the House of Lions, who was known to have fought in the front lines during several major battles involving the House of Lions over the years, most notable the Crusades of the Jackals, before meeting her end during the conflict with the House of Vipers. Years later during the Battle of Verses, she would be resurrected into a powerful Revenant, an undead creature consumed by pain and rage. Now known as Esoriks, Lion's Anguish, she would begin commanding the Revenant forces and spreading Malice across the system, putting her into conflict with the Solar Coalition.

She can be fought only on Patrol during the 'Malice Incursion' Public Event either in the Mumbai Push, Mars or Europa.


Rise of Gray[edit]

Crusades of the Jackals[edit]

Death by the Vipers[edit]

The Revenant Hauntings[edit]

"These Revenants are ravaging the system, filling it with Malice and raising all those they kill into more of them. What's worse? They can't truly be killed. No matter how many times you defeat them, they'll just come back again and again, good as new. It scares me."
Zyriks, Kell of Winds



List of Appearances[edit]