Court of Thorns

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Court of Thorns
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Court of Savathûn

Enemy factions:

Lucent Brood
Scorn (activity)

Connecting areas:

Florescent Canal
Sanctum of the Brood Queen (Story)
Apothecary (Portal)


Area type:



Court of Thorns is a location within the Court of Savathûn. It is the main seat of power of Savathûn, the Witch Queen, where her inner sanctum and source of Light are located. The Lucent Brood populates the area, though it is also frequently attacked by the Scorn. Its main access point is through the Florescent Canal, but in its depths lies a portal to the topmost floor of the Apothecary. Scaling the whole building brings one to the Sanctum of the Brood Queen.


When Savathûn attempted her ritual to ensnare the Traveler, The Guardian fought through the Court of Thorns and confronted her at its summit. Though she was initially slain, she managed to resurrect, and lead the Guardian deeper into her Sanctum.[1]. The Guardian would explore the Court once again in their quest to provide a host to Savathûn's Worm.[2] The Scorn, Lucent Brood and Guardians would continue fighting throught the building to establish control over its deepest secret, The Wellspring.[3]


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