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"How is this possible… Ghaul's dead. You're dead! The Young Wolf killed you! What is this? Hive magic?"
— Vyhar upon seeing the Nightmare of Dominus Ghaul

Vyhar was a Hunter and Guardian of The Last City. He was partnered with the Ghost Akroma.


During the battle to retake The Last City from the Red Legion at the height of the Red War, Vyhar was part of a fireteam that included the Titan Omnibull and Warlock Rana Untu. The three Guardians were fighting in the streets of the city as The Young Wolf assaulted Dominus Ghaul's flagship, The Immortal. As they fought a group of Incendiors, they noticed Ghaul in the sky next to the Traveler as a massive being of Light. Horrified, they despaired that the plan had failed and that the war was lost as they heard cheering from Cabal across the City. However, they then watched in amazement as the Traveler awakened and destroyed Ghaul while restoring the Light to all Guardians, enabling the defeat of the Red Legion and reclamation of the Last City.[1]

Two years after the liberation of the Last City from the Red Legion, Vyhar was on the Moon when he encountered a Nightmare of Dominus Ghaul. Unaware of what had created the Nightmare or what it was, Vyhar was horrified and shouted at the creature that it was supposed to be dead by the Young Wolf's hand and wondered if Hive magic was responsible. His battle with the Nightmare ended with his death at the hands of the fake Ghaul. The Young Wolf later found the remains of Vyhar's Ghost Akroma on the Lunar Battlegrounds and learned of what befell the Hunter.[1]

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