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Rana Untu
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Rana Untu was a Warlock and Guardian of The Last City.


At the height of the Red War, Rana joined the Titan Omnibull and Hunter Vyhar as part of a fireteam assisting in the Vanguard's plan to liberate The Last City, kill Dominus Ghaul, and free the Traveler from its cage to restore the Light. As they fought in the streets, Rana saved Vyhar from a group of Incendiors, but then pointed out to the others the giant form of Ghaul in the air next to the Traveler, having been transformed into a being of Light. Rana began to despair that they had lost the war, but then noticed that something was happening with the Traveler, which broke free of its cage and destroyed Ghaul before returning the Light to all Guardians, enabling them to defeat the Red Legion and liberate the Last City.[1]

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