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Edited the page Red Legion
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I am to Fallen to what Toland is to Hive and Osiris is to Vex. I know my Fallen Lore.

I tend to edit a majority of the Fallen pages. House of Kings, Exile, Devils, Wolves, etc are pages I've massively improved.

I'm also the one who massively restructured the Vex, Cabal, Hive and Fallen pages. All the images and quotes you see are my contribution. I edited as such that each event has a important quote and image to support it, giving the reader a better feel for what they are reading.

I also upload a lot of the images for many minor characters, especially Fallen and Cabal.

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I wasn't even aware there was a discord and don't have that app downloaded. And honestly, I feel like those kind of discussions should happen on the wiki's project pages so that all users can see it and know what is going on? I mostly make edits when I have the time, and the past few months have been... well its 2020.

With Beyond Light approaching I wanted to try and get back to editing more like I did in the past. I've made an adjustment to the expand section template that allows the addition of what lore/mission entries need to be added to those sections, so hopefully that will help clear up any confusion on that. In-use and missing content templates like they have on Wookiepedia would also be useful.


Why are you being so hostile and snide about the stub and references tags? This is literally how wikis work and why those tags exist. So that any user can see it and fix it if they have the time/ability. It's not "lazy" behavior - I don't have the time to write more detailed entries to fix anything at the moment besides some obvious missing references like on Saladin's page. Literally every single major and secondary character page is missing extensive amounts of lore entries, missions, quests, and weblore, along with references. So much so that it would take months for one person to finish. You've been doing great work on the Spider's page for hours today but there is still a ton of work to do on it, so those tags shouldn't be removed until it is. I was just going through some pages today to mark where future work clearly needs to be done, and was planning on starting to take care of some of those issues soon. There really is no reason to be rude about any of this.


Yeah. That... wasn’t meant for you... Gah, I was so embarrassed when it went to you. Anywho, yeah, I'm linked to Discord.


You mean the Harpies with Legs aka the K Round of the Vex. Yup. They're weird looking, but I'm still looking forward to fighting them!


Hey uh, Sinkento, you know about Siriks, Phensis, and the Mimiks Servitors? Are they truly part of the House of Darkness? Or are they part of a past Faction, that Eramis was trying to use to rebuild the Devils, before she abandoned it, to create the House of Darkness?


Ahem I just been promoted to Kell's Guard!!


Hey Sinkento,

So I tried to access my old account Titan66 a while ago, but due to login problems, I made this new account Sparta94 as my own for now.

I don't know if this is legal or not, but would it be possible to combine both accounts to gain points more?