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Basic information
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KSI clan.(airmen 1 class)

About me

I am learning how to be a game maker and i will always help you with anything.

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Sent a message to Dante the Ghost
"How are you doing today?"
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"ok have fun!"
Sent a message to Dante the Ghost
"hello,how are you doing on this fine day."
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advanced to level Reaver Dreg
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Destiny tidbits
Favorite Destiny moment

oh well lets see...Gonna said when i get the last word form vault of glass back in year 1.

Worst Destiny moment

when i get all blues form the nightfall.

Anything else

I kinda solo suff like nightfalls and raids but i am more of a "team player"

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Good. Just editing and doing what wiki admins do. lol


Doing great, just busy working on Bounties.


...I'll tell you what. Why not tell me what's on your mind, and I'll write the theory up for you?


Well, since it is on Sekrion, then put it there.


Have fun, adhere to the Manual of Style, remember the Citation Policy, and exercise restraint when it comes to fan theories.