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"You're on my turf. Burning my wood. That's stealing. That's an arm."
— Reich

Warlord Reich was a Warlord during the Dark Age who was killed by Osiris.


One night while patrolling his lands, Reich and a small band of his followers discovered a older man in the forest beside a small campfire. Reich approached the man and demanded he stand, declaring him a thief for burning his wood and that he would lose an arm for theft. The man responded that Reich was a waste, having being given immortality and that all he could do was grab at power and demanded they leave and rethink their life. Reich laughed at the man's insolence and informed them that they would lose an arm or their life. When the man refused once more, Reich noted he had a dozen men with and pointed his gun at the man's head. However, the man suddenly erupted in Solar Light and cut Reich down while his men fled. Reich's Ghost was grabbed by Osiris and prevented from resurrecting him, and after a conversation with Sagira decided to permanently abandon Reich, who it had resurrected out of fear, to return to the Traveler and seek out a new Risen partner.[1]

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