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A Phaeton-class jumpship, Phaeton Class v1.1.

"Base model long range jumpship. Phaetons are sturdy and reliable, though the basic class models are rebuilt below spec, due to limited supplies and high demand. "
Phaeton Class v1.1

Phaeton is a class of jumpships. It is flat and arrow-shaped, with outspread wings and a long nose.

Two popular subtypes of Phaetons are AF Octavian and LR Javelin. New Monarchy seems to prefer this class of ships, as the faction-themed jumpships rewarded from Executor Hideo in Destiny are all Phaetons.

Known Phaeton-class ships[edit]


A sturdy, reliable craft, combining speed and power to great effect. The class's level performance has made it a favourite among Titans who value stable, rugged durability. Originally built as a warfighter during the Golden Age, the Phaeton, as with all crafts, is now more of an exploratory vessel, refurbished from found materials to allow for interplanetary travel.

Craft Specs[edit]

  • Average Length: 21.3 Meters
  • Wingspan: 15.8 Meters
  • Average Weight: 19.9 Tons
  • Maximum Range: 51 Astronomical Unit
  • Engines: Variable (refurbishment dependant)


  • Navigation Booster - Nose
  • Defence Array (Weaponry) - Wings
  • Radar - Top-Centre