Kabr's Fireteam

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Kabr's Fireteam was a Guardian fireteam composed of three Guardians: the Titan Kabr, a Hunter called Pahanin, and Praedyth a Warlock. They were among the first to penetrate the legendary Vault of Glass, but ultimately failed to defeat the Vex. Praedyth became lost in time and Kabr sacrificed the remnants of his own Light as well as his Ghost to create the Aegis for others to use; only Pahanin escaped to tell the tale.

Praedyth's bones were later recovered after the Guardian answered the Vex's distress call in Paradox.



As the Vault of Glass Raid requires no less than six players, sometimes four if the team is well-coordinated, there may have been other Guardians in Kabr's fireteam so completely erased from time and memory that not even Pahanin remembered them.

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