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Went rogue having studied the original Thorn and its corrupted properties.
Created the Necrotic Grip and Osteo Striga.


"We kept thinking about H-349 as a destroyer. But it's more sophisticated than that. I mean, with a normal gun, it's just… boom. Done. H-349 on the other hand is deadly, not destructive. Much like a viper, its bite does not bring about instant death. Instead, its venom cajoles. It co-opts your beating heart into a death clock, ticking down your last moments. Your own pulse kills you."
— Jana, admiring the way Thorn kills

Jana-14 was a Warlock and researcher in the employ of the Vanguard. She was assigned to a team studying Thorn, but was slowly corrupted by her time on the project and began experimenting with the weapon on her fellow researchers.


Jana was assigned to study Thorn, the weapon of the dreaded Dredgen Yor used to murder many Guardians and lightless innocents across Earth. She was able to get her first hands on time with the weapon on the project's second day and noted how it was heavier than she had expected. Jana recorded in her log that some of her colleagues on the project questioned if it was right to study such a vile weapon, but she believed that they needed to do so in order to understand their foes. Three days later the team conducted their first test firing, using cattle as targets. The animals were large enough to survive the initial shot, but Jana was highly disturbed by the resulting suffering and death and decided against further animal testing. On day thirty of the project, Jana recorded frustration in her journal over how little progress they were making. She noted that it was not typical Hive tech, and that spectral analysis of Thorn turned up nothing. She lamented that the Shadows of Yor were little more than a cult but had managed to mass produce copies, but the research team could not even determine what it was made from.[1]

The next day, Thorn accidently discharged and another researcher, Carro, was hit by the discharge. He was a lightless human and was thus unable to be saved from the corruption. While upset at the loss of life, Jana noted that they now had something more to study and that Carro's dying words had included "I'm reborn", which she thought had sounded almost happy. The Vanguard forbade a postmortem autopsy, but Jana and several other members of the staff refused to allow Carro's death to be in vain and conducted one in secret, which produced useful results. Jana secretly kept tissue samples from the autopsy and recorded that it was almost like having Carro around again.[1]

Jana began being corrupted further by proximity to Thorn, and her audio logs began to include her talking appreciatively about the weapon's method of slowly killing through corruption. She began to be annoyed by Yanniv's continued crying over the loss of Carro, and arranged for another "accidental" discharge to hit them after the team realized that Thorn was hungry and needed to be fed to provide more useful data. Jana closely monitored Yanniv's degradation as they died, pleased with how poetic and elegant the process seemed, but lamented that she had not had the scanners recording at the moment of discharge. Twelve days later she ensured there was another shooting and that the lab's scanners were on for that one. The project site was eventually evacuated and Jana's audio logs were recovered, although her fate and whereabouts were unknown.[1]

An unknown period of time later, Jana would use the research she had gathered studying Thorn to create her own Weapon of Sorrow: Osteo Striga. By this point, her state of mind had degraded even further to the point where she began to feel a maternal instinct towards the weapon and would constantly refer to it as if it were a human infant. Jana is currently wanted by the Vanguard for escaping with the original Striga and seemingly engaging in ritual murder to feed it.[2]

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