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Unn, the Necroworm
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"My children! Our massacres, our crusade, we waste life, kill just for you to survive because of choices outside of your decision. Take their deaths, make it something useful."
— Unn, the Necroworm


Unn is the direct descendant of the Worm Gods and studied necrology darker than even the Worm Gods even knew. Unn used these researches to try to "Empower" the Worms. Even trying to kill Akka by saying "This magic will empower you my god! This magic will allow us to do what we need other species for!" "My child, how did you acquire such powers we had no knowledge of?" Unn was found as trying to kill his predecessors, his gods began the crusade to remove his existence from the rest of his kin much like Nokris however, his trickery caused this problem to become even more difficult. Xol became desperate to get rid of Unn, his own son, killed him. However, due to Unn's study of necrology, Unn was able to come back to life unknown to Xol. Unn proceeded to take some of the Silent Brood as his own, and began a crusade to kill the Worm Gods however, with the Hive's war with the Ecumene, they where desperate to gain an upper hand, the Ecumene found and slayed Unn even though Unn had nothing to do with the war however, who knows if Unn truly is dead as he has undone his death before.