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The Crypt Guardian
Biographical information




Clovis Bray
House of Salvation (hacked, temporarily)




Heavy Frame

Combat information


Deep Stone Crypt


Solar Incinerator Cannon


Summon Fallen
Summon Frames
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Ground Slam
Intruder Purge
Antenna Deployment
Failsafe Protocol
Activate the Exoscape
Cortex Copy
System Purge
Guard the Crypt/Morning Star


"Crypt Guardian Status: Compromised. Unidentified Files detected; potential virus. Immediate System Purge Required. Status: Disastrous."
— Crypt A.I.

The Crypt Guardian is a massive, powerful Heavy Frame programmed to defend the Deep Stone Crypt as well as the elevators to the Morning Star space station. Remaining inactive for countless centuries before the Fallen of the House of Salvation would discover the Crypt, the Crypt Guardian would oversee and maintain the integrity of the Crypt itself, awaiting Human visitors to claim and protect it once again. However, House of Salvation Fallen would infect it with a virus and turn it to their cause, allowing them access to the Crypt, as well as a second means of defense from meddling Guardians. It serves as the second "boss" of the Deep Stone Crypt Raid.


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