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Taken Incendior
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VoidS.png Orphic Flame Caster


VoidS.png Umbral Surge
VoidS.png Burn Effect
High Durability
Rapid Movement
KineticS.png Cabal Melee


The Taken Incendior is the Taken version of the Cabal Incendiors introduced by the Red Legion.


Taken Incendiors wield the Orphic Flame Caster, which charges up before firing a long-ranged, explosive Void fireball that leaves a pool of burning flames in the impact area. They fight from a distance, preferring to hang back near allied combatants whilst they bombard enemies with fireballs. They cannot perform the Compression Blast of their counterparts, but in its place gain the ability to unleash an Umbral Surge, an AoE blast that deals heavy Void damage and applies a Burn effect. Allies who are caught in the Umbral Surge will become surrounded in an aura of purple flames for a short time, during which they will deal increased damage with all attacks and continuously regenerate health. Allies who are still under the effects of the Umbral Surge will leave behind pools of fire upon being slain.

Their fuel tanks are no longer an additional weak spot, and they gain the ability to teleport short distances at a cost to their jump jets.


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