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This article is about the Disciple of the Witness. For the character mentioned in the Altars of Sorrow weapons, see Kuldax.
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Anointed by the Deep
Disciple of the Witness
Disciple of Blades
The Seer
The Death Chill
Lord of the Endless Cold
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Disciples of the Witness
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Kuldax, Anointed by the Deep
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The Final Shape created the logic: To believe otherwise is heresy.

Kuldax, is a Hive Disciple of the Witness. A mysterious Hive entity in power and origin, Kuldax is a preacher of Hive knowledge and is seen as a sort of prophet. His teachings inspired those like Anziluu and possibly those that created the Weapons of Sorrow themselves. Though his mysterious and secretive nature, he has spread chaos throughout the universe, plaguing many species that he would come across and turning their worlds into War Moons. Many of these civilizations like the Nadheal and Ussatan fell before Kuldax and his followers.

He would even be known for plaguing Humanity during the Golden Age by being the one who initially sent the members of the K1 Crew to Europa at the behest of the Witness, the conquering of an old fortress during the Dark Age and the corruption of an Ahamkara during the City Age. Left dormant for a majority of the War against the Witness, quietly waiting to make his move against the Guardians of the Last City to ensure that the Final Shape is to be achieved.


Old Legends[edit]

"The Deep is the call to Salvation: to move against it is apostasy. Embrace it and be reborn."
— Kuldax

While his origins are left ambiguous, what is known about Kuldax is his rise as a Disciple to the Witness. He would be known as a force of death and destruction, revered by his own Hive cult that worshipped and obeyed his every whim. His teachings would inspire the Hive, most notably Shin'ra, the Sorrow-Maker, who would become the first to craft the Weapons of Sorrow and Anziluu, the Ravenous, who took his teachings as prophecies for that which would soon transpire.

Fall of the Nadheal[edit]

"Acaeleon of the Nadheal proved worthy of the logic: his race however were blasphemous and turned against one another against its practice. So to did Acaeleon."
— Kuldax

The Nadheal were a highly advanced race of bipedal arthropods that were once graced by the Traveler's presence. Their technological prowess exceeded Golden Age Humanity, establishing colonies across their home system and even beyond. Kuldax made it his mission to corrupt the Nadheal from within, similar to how Rhulk did to the Ahslid centuries before. Kuldax would begin to spread the seeds of doubt within the governing body of the Nadheal species by the time the Traveler had left their home world.

His actions would create a death cult under the command of his vassal, Acaeleon. This death cult would begin sacrifices as a means to return the Traveler back to the Nadheal, however this was only a clever rouse by Kuldax to tithe their deaths to him instead. This death cult would persist through several years as Kuldax slowly began to reveal himself to Acaeleon, promising to offer a greater power than the Traveler ever could.

Fully under the thrall of Kuldax, Acaeleon would instigate a galactic scale civil war in the Nadheal home system. Their various colonies burned and destroyed and their capital in ruins with all that remained of their civilization forced to live on large cruisers for survival. Even under the control of Kuldax, Acaeleon doubted his own actions and the destruction of his people. His doubt invoked Kuldax to appear before him, declaring that he was unworthy of the power he sought to gift. He would then stab the weakened Nadheal with his spear, and the power of Stasis spread through his dying corpse, leaving it as a crystalline corpse.

Kuldax would have his followers destroy any that remained of the Nadheal people, including their home world. He would eventually move Acaeleon's corpse aboard his Pyramid as a trophy of his conquest. The Witness would take note of his success but was disappointed in his actions to killing Acaeleon, only for Kuldax to reaffirm the doubts within the Nadheal leader, ensuring that future Disciples would be rid of them.

Destruction of the Ussatan[edit]

"The Ussatan were a tribal race, worthy of the logic: their recantation proved their undoing."
— Kuldax refers to the fall of the Ussatan species

The Disciple of Blades would come across another species, the tribal Ussatan. They were known to have worshipped the star of their home system which was their source of sustenance and worshipped it as their god. They were a warrior race separated in tribes and followed a caste system, with the leaders of each tribe being their mightiest warriors.

When Kuldax descended upon the Ussatan home world, he would blot out the planet from its star, starving the species of their crops and resources produced by the star's light. After several days, he launched Seeder Ships onto the planet to not only destroy the landscape and devastate the tribal homes, but to launch a ground invasion by unleashing the stowed Hive from within the Seeder Ships. The conquest would only last a day as the Ussatan did not last against Kuldax's strategies and the power the Hive held.

Mid-Golden Age[edit]

"—-Seek out our fleeing foe. Turn its new sycophants into heralds of the Deep.—-

Yes my Witness. They will come to a new understand, one of the sword.

—-Their small minds shall break before the storm. We have made preparations with the Veil. Soon the Final Shape will begin.—-

And nothing will stop the Ongoing Storm.
— The Witness to Kuldax during the Golden Age


"You call to your Traveler for help.
You will be offered none.
Salvation is all that awaits you now.
Darkness awaits your response.
And you shall be embraced into its fold.
— Kuldax

Dark Age[edit]

"I heard them, the whispers. They told me to come to this place. I was richly rewarded for it."
— Unnamed Warlord during the Dark Age.

The Altered Ahamkara[edit]

"What is your greatest desire, O revenant mine?"
— Odgyn to the Shade of Kuldax

Return of the Black Fleet[edit]

"The Witch delays the inevitable.
She cannot stop the Final Shape.
She defeated the Disciple of Fear, but she will not stop me.
— Kuldax refers to Savathûn's interference.

Whispers of Sorrow[edit]

"You will act as my herald.

So that I could be a pawn for you to cast away when you are done with me?

No. You are a blade that can retooled into a new shape when needed. The Final Shape is a distance away. You will be needed when the time comes.
— Kuldax to Shin'ra

New Servitude[edit]

"The Scorn are worthy pawns of the Final Shape.
The Witch Queen will pay for her heresies against us.
I can feel the Final Shape in my grasp.
— Kuldax




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