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Biographical information


The Dread
Talons of the Watcher




Long Range Sniper
Frenzied Melee Unit (Enraged)

Combat information


SolarS.png Causal Impaler
SolarS.png Resonant Falchions


Rapid Movement
Resonant Warp
KineticS.png Melee
Proximity Camouflage
Temporary Immunity
Berserk Rage


Knaves are a new Dread unit created by Skira from faithful Fallen forces as a means to practice her new dark craft. Designated solely to serve as snipers, they maintain a vast distance away from their adversaries unless pushed into an enraged state.


Much like their former selves, Knaves behave a lot like Vandal snipers, maintaining a good distance away from their adversaries while pinning them down with sniper fire. As opposed to a Wire Rifle, however, Knaves are armed with a twin "barreled" Causal Impaler, which fires off two instant beams of Solar resonant energy that can deplete health or outright kill if the two-burst weapon connects both bolts. The Impaler also has light penetration qualities to it, piercing bodies and even a slight distance through paracausal barriers. Additionally, the Knave can channel resonant energy to reposition themselves to a new position. The Knave is also perpetually covered in an aura that inhibits visibility of the warrior itself; if an enemy draws near a Knave, they will find it slowly but surely disappearing, the glow of it's weapon and a translucent silhouette being the only thing visible about these units. If enough damage is done to the head, its helmet will be dislodged and corrupted ether will temporarily shoot out. However, this isn't the end of the Knave, as it will split its Causal Impaler into two and create a pair of Resonant Falchions, and its once, red armored design will be glassy black and spiked crests behind their altered head. In this new, berserk state, the Knave will rapidly close in on their targets to deliver melee blows with their new weapons and will not stop until they or their targets are eliminated. The berserk Knave will be far more resilient than their former form, but can be dispatched relatively quickly compared to most of the Dread's enraged units.