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General Foolhardy
Biographical information

Other name(s):

Primus Balork, Discharged
Reckless Commander
General of the Section 8




Blind Legion (Formerly)
The Discharged


Inexperienced General


Phalanx Colossus



Combat information


Section 8


Energy Shield
Cabal Slug Launcher
Scramble Missiles
Piano Hammer


Arc Shield
Crippled Debuff
Suppression Debuff
Weakened Debuff
Attack Deflection
Deafness Effect
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Limited Flight
Strafe Thrusters
Summon Cabal


"You IMBECILES! Are you hearing me?! You're supposed to do more than just stand there and shoot them! Try flanking and taking cover! Also, DON'T LET THEM KNOW WHAT YOU'LL ATTACK WITH! THAT MAKES YOU MORE PREDICTABLE! DO YOU SERIOUSLY WANT TO BE SITTING DUCKS?! *weapon jams* Ah, crap."
— General Foolhardy rightfully scolding his soldiers for being tactically inefficient while forgetting to maintain his equipment

General Foolhardy is the only discharged Cabal commander that actually shows some semblance of military tactics, but still loses every time because he doesn't know how to maintain his equipment. Also, his overconfidence has gotten him and his forces in trouble several times, and he still hasn't learned that yet.


General Foolhardy is a contradiction: when his attacks work, they can put Guardians at a serious disadvantage and even outright kill them instantly, but are more often known to short out before they even take effect. For example, his Void Cabal Slug Launcher has greatly increased fire rate and damage, and its super-slugs can cripple Guardians by knocking them prone as well as suppress their abilities and weaken their weapons for a short time, but it suffers greatly decreased accuracy and frequently jams at random intervals. Occasionally, he will launch Scramble Missiles that will usually travel in random directions and explode in mid-air, but if they manage to lock-on, they will instantly kill its target regardless of their resilience level or damage reduction. When faced at close range, he will slam a Piano Hammer on the ground that will deafen its target and disorient their vision, causing it to swirl and become distorted for a short time. However, this hammer can be shot to redirect the swings back at General Foolhardy to stagger him, leaving him more vulnerable to incoming damage. His Arc shield is completely immune to non-matching damage types and even greatly resists Arc damage, but it takes a very long time to recharge. His Energy Shield can also deflect attacks, but it can't form a barricade as a result. So, take him seriously, but don't take him seriously...yeah, that also sounds like a contradiction, but you get the point.