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Divine Knights


Independent Lightbearer Group


  • War of the Wretched and Divine
  • Battle of Artemis City
  • House of Dragons Conflict
  • New Dawn Empire Conflict


  • Amani Mafanikio
  • Freyja Kristiansen
  • Viribus Herminio
  • Lathria Olansen

Notable information:

Independent group that aims to attain peace on their own terms.
Primary residents, leaders, and protectors of Forum:Artemis City.
Follows their own rules and moral codes.
Unofficially became a group after the events of the Battle of Site-6.
Officially formed after the events of The Final Shape.


"Yes, yes. I have heard of the Divine Knights. Legendary group of Lightbearers whose only goal is to attain peace throughout the Sol System. But, unlike the Vanguard, they seek to attain it in their own way."
— Kivas, Kell of Dawn

The Divine Knights are a group of Lightbearers that formed from the original Iron Lords of the Dark Age. Formed by Awoken Titan Amani Mafanikio, the Knights live by their own set of rules and code of honor upheld by years of tradition within their ranks.