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Devil's Echo
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Destiny 2


House of Obsidian

Recommended Power Level:



Cosmodrome, Earth


Stop the fallen from rallying in the Devil's Spire.

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Devil's Echo is one of the Haze Hunts of the House of Obsidian campaign, it takes place in Old Russia and involves attempting to stop the Fallen encountered on Triton from recruiting the House of Devils and Dusk still residing in the Cosmodrome.


  • Reach the Devil's Lair
  • Cross the Bridge
  • Climb
  • Clear the Fallen
  • Don't Fall
  • Defeat Varjis, Clever Headed.
  • Clear the Fallen

Alternatively, if you got to the ketch in time

  • Move.
  • Defeat Brægis-9, Pilot Servitor.


Loading Screen

  • Shiro-4: "Turns out, You made the right call taking that Servitor captive instead of blowing it to dust, Matsuo got from it that they're House of Obsidian, they've been hiding on Triton for a long time, but now that Eramis showed at their door, they're not a secret anymore and they're taking advantage of the situation to pull a House of Wolves, put a stop to it"

Or, if you destroyed Kalkiks-4 in the Hidden Peace mission.

  • Shiro-4: "Guardian, Shaw tells me half the Cosmodrome's rallying themselves to the Devil's Lair, it could involve our new friends on Triton. We'll be there to help you, until then, you know what to do."

The Guardian lands in the Blast, Fallen seeming to run towards the Devil's lair as opposed to fighting

  • Ghost: "They're running away?"
  • Shaw Han: "Probably has something to do with that Big Ketch at the top.
  • Shiro-4: "Chase them, we're getting close to the refinery."

The Guardian makes it into the Lair. Being met with a few House of Obsidian forces dropping them from the walls

  • Ghost: "They're in the walls!"

The guardians beat the Obsidian fallen there, depending on how long it took, Shaw and Shiro reach you and join the fight, as the trio continue towards the collapsed bridge, they walk past destroyed pieces of a large Servitor covered in dead SIVA.

  • Ghost: "Remember when The Devils were our biggest problem?"
  • Shiro-4: "I can hardly remember the place without thinking about SIVA and snow."

Or, if you have not played through Rise of Iron

  • Shaw Han: "We're crossing The Blast, where are you now?"
  • Ghost: "We reached a Prime Servitor... a dead one at that."
  • Shiro-4: "Sepiks? That brings back some memories..."

The Fireteam uses the pieces of broken bridge to make their way across to the other side, crossing the door to the inside, a couple of Flux Grenades detonating

  • Shiro-4: "Careful."
  • Ghost: "Could've told us that BEFORE we went through?"

If the guardian has been through The Taken King, they will get this bit of dialogue when being blown by the mines

  • Ghost: "Ouch, Last time we were here these were inactive."
  • Shaw Han: "The fallen there must've done a few renovations."
  • Ghost: "That's not the problem, The elevator's completely out of service."
  • Shiro-4There's a couple pods that fell down when the fallen cut off half of the big sphere on top, climb up."

The three of them begin to jump from platform to platform, eventually sparking up a conversation while they do so.

Ghost: "From this height, I can pick up Fallen signals throughout the Cosmodrome... (to Guardian) You know I was here, looking for you... when the first Fallen crews came through. It started with one Skiff. A few months later, the Cosmodrome was theirs. This new House, they could've done it in hours."

  • Ghost: "I've always wondered how you fell here. You were probably part of the exodus during the Collapse. Millions of refugees were trying to get off the planet before it died."
  • Shaw Han: "Darkness probably knocked these down before they got a chance to get up."
  • Shiro-4: "Curious how they got all the way out to the cosmodrome wall..."
  • Ghost: "I spent months searching every stasis pod in the colony ships for a Guardian. There are exactly 308,235 of them. Every one of them occupied. They are really tough to open."
  • Shiro-4: "Guess you got lucky yours was blown to the other side of the Rocketyard."

The Firetam makes their way to the Bridge, The view is breathtaking, half of the Cosmodrome can be seen from this height, including the Wall, where their legend began, the trio then jump to the other side of the bridge as Shiro says

  • Shiro-4: "Wow, this is a much better sight than Felwinter Peak, imagine when we get to the top..."

A squad of Devils appear in the Guardian's path, but they eliminate the forces and continue upward. There they find more Fallen enemies also making their way upwards while House Obsidian forces stand back to stall The Fireteam, when Shaw summons a Golden Gun and kills the Obsidian Captains on their way, as they then climb the ship, even higher above the ground. They reach a narrow crawl space and are forced to crouch, making their way to a single I-beam.

  • Ghost: "Don't... look... down."

The view is seemingly endless; the Guardian is miles above the surface. However, they safely make it to solid ground, encountering more Taken and Fallen along the way. Eventually, they find a platoon of Fallen guarding a Grav-Lift, The three of them jump onto the lift, and it effortlessly takes them the rest of the way to the top.

Once the Fireteam lands on the top, they are immediately fired upon by House of Devil fallen, as they begin to retreat to the Ketch stationed to the hole made by the Devil Splicers, a House of Obsidian Baron now facing them: Varjis, Clever Headed. Once the fireteam reduces Varjis' health to half he then sends House Obsidian troops to stall the guardians as he jumps to the Ketch.

  • Shaw Han: "They're getting away!"
  • Shiro-4: "Get moving, we'll clear your path."

Shiro-4 uses his Arc Staff super as The Guardian receives a five-second time frame to enter the Ketch, if you don't get in in time, the Ketch bursts off and the goal updates to "Eliminate the fallen."

  • Ghost: "They got away."
  • Shiro-4: "We know where they operate, it won't be long til we find a way in. Thanks for helping Shaw."
  • Shaw Han: "Consider it one of Maeve's lessons: Speed is life.. ugh, my throat feels like it's been bit by a Viper"

Or, if you got to the Ketch in time, the goal would update to bring it down with a two-minute timer. the Guardian makes their way to the front of the Ketch, where they destroy the servitor piloting it, crashing down in the Brasília Springs, Varjis and most Recruits having already escaped by the time the Guardian awakens

  • Shiro-4: "Guardian, Guardian do you read?"
  • Ghost: "We're alive, The Baron got away but the crew didn't."
  • Shiro-4: "Nicely done, Shaw was organizing a search party to find you, I'll tell him to cancel it. can you still get to the City?"
  • Ghost: "I can pilot our jumpship here, should only take a few minutes, Brazil is quite a sight though."
  • Shiro-4: "I'll keep that in mind."

If you didn't destroy the servitor before the countdown the mission will restart from the last checkpoint