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Integration is one of the Haze Hunts of the House of Obsidian campaign, which takes place on Nessus where you try to prevent the House of Obsidian from recruiting the fallen holed up in the Exodus Black.

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Devil's Echo





Destiny 2


House of Obsidian

Recommended Power Level:



Arcadian Valley, Nessus


Stop the fallen from rallying in the Exodus Black.

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  • Pass through the electrical fields
  • Defend Failsafe's turret
  • Infiltrate the hideout
  • Defend Ghost
  • Kill the Servitors
  • Press onward
  • Pass through the electrical fields
  • Hunt the Fallen
  • Destroy J.U.N.D.A.O-6, Saber-Shank.


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Loading Screen

  • Shiro-4: "Listen up, word is Fallen have pulled an Operation Piccolo here, Theyve got the Exodus Black on lockdown, and-"
  • Failsafe (Cheerful): "Captain! The Fallen have set up Arc Fields over the Exodus Black, but lucky for you, I have a way through."
  • Shiro-4: "What she means to say: we arranged a fireteam to gather remains from the previous Strike on the ship, they've set up some weaponry in the Exodus, you should be able to use it to put those fields out."

The Guardian lands in Prodromus Down, where they are placed on the modified arena, the whole area more akin to Fallen architecture with bits of the snow around, Arc fields preventing further access.

  • Ghost: "Guess they weren't kidding about the Arc Fields. About that 'Weaponry'?"
  • Shiro-4: "Right behind you."

Behind the landing zone, the fireteam can see Shiro's ship passing through, a cannon mounted on it as he positions it on a nearby platform that the Guardian can use to destroy four nodes on the far end of the valley, each deactivating a part of the Arc Field, a shield being set up on the other side as House Obsidian fallen begin to arrive from Skiffs.

  • Failsafe (Cheerful): "Captain, please guard the turret from incoming damage from Fallen forces."
  • Failsafe (Depressed): "Those techy Shanks and Captains eat the voltage from it."
  • Shiro-4: "This feels... familiar. Once you knock down the barrier I'll join you, Failsafe will steer the gun."
  • Ghost (To Guardian): "Don't you think it's just a bit worrying that they, erm, redecorated the place so fast?"

The Guardian proceeds to eliminate the waves of fallen, facing the eventual Voltage Eaters, Jamming Servitors, and other variants the cannon now finishes dealing with the wall, and The Guardian makes their way to the other side