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Dalvu, Warden of the Spring
Biographical information




Lucent Brood




Lightbearer Wizard

Combat information


The Wellspring: Attack


Pulse Grenade


Vicious Light
Healing Rift
Summon Hive
High Durability
Midair Levitation
Rapid Flight
Immunity Shield
Poison Cloud
Burning Effect
Knock back


Dalvu, Warden of the Spring is a Lightbearer Wizard who is one of the six daily rotating bosses of The Wellspring activity. Tasked with protecting the Wellspring and defend it from Guardians or Scorn claiming it.


Dalvu is one of the two rotating bosses of The Wellspring: Attack. They can be found in the final area, meditating in the center of the room whilst protected by an immunity shield. After all of the other objectives have been completed, three crystals will appear around the Warden. Once they have been destroyed, the boss fight will commence, and large hordes of Lucent Hive will rush to assist them. Dalvu functions much like many other Lightbearer Wizards: throwing Pulse Grenades, summoning Healing Rifts, though they heal much slower than the usual ones, and a Stormtrance super. However, Dalvu uses additional abilities such as blasting large "Vicious Light" energy blasts instead of normal Darkness blasts, casting Poison clouds like normal Wizards would for area-of-denial, and will perform a knock back attack which can leave a Burning Effect in its wake. Small groups of Thrall will frequently come to aid it, and much larger hordes of combatants when it sustains significant damage.

Once a quarter of its health has been drained, the Warden will protect itself with an immunity shield and more Hive will spawn to assist it. In order to bring down the boss's defenses, the fireteam must steal a Void Charge, dropped from killing a Butcher of the Spring, and deposit it in the Wellspring at the center of the arena. Doing this will disable the Wizard's shield and allow players to continue the battle. Dalvu will summon immunity shields another two times as the fight progresses, forcing you to repeat the process of killing the Butchers and placing their charges multiple times; the amount of both will increase by one with each immunity phase. Once its shield has been disabled for the third time, the Warden will no longer be able to resist your attacks anymore, and can finally be finished off and defeated. However, once Dalvu is killed, their Ghost will escape and leave its corpse behind instead of reviving it like one should.


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