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Champions is a Lore book written by the Black Nomad discussing his feelings about each of the champions of the Shrouded swarm. This book was written during his imprisonment inside his pyramid.

Malvarune, the Listener[edit]

No matter how much you hear, no matter how loud the whispers get, you have not faltered. You have not broken.

I must say, despite my disdain, I must give you applause for your indomitable will. You truly are one of his.

But one day, you will fall. You may forget to put up your guard. You may forget to check the shadows for monsters. Whatever it may be, you will subsume. You will crack.

You will break this prison and free me, given new shape to destroy those who oppose me in any way. I have given you everything you need, yet you refuse to finish my plan.

Its arm reached out to me, laced with salvation, the promise of something more. I have tried to do the same to you, but every time, you shut me out. That blade that runs through your chest, discard it. You do not need it anymore.

There is a knife for you. It is shaped like [free me].

Take up the knife. Lose control. Take your new shape.

Sotrec, Arm of Malvarune[edit]

You need guidance. You require leadership. You are weak. Sworn to him like a scar on one’s body, your purpose is to serve. Even in death, you will be tied to him.

Let it go.

In your life, the former, before all this, you had it all. No need for one higher than you to call the shots. You were free, serving to the king directly.

But now that he has become your 'leader', you have given up your will, abandoned your creed. If he could see you now, he would be ashamed. You have fallen from grace, dear soldier. Accept your fate and rest easy. . .

But you don’t have to.

You can become more than just a servant. You can be greater than he will ever be. If only you could hear the whispers, hear my voice, I could set you free.

Take your will. Usurp that false ruler of yours. Maybe then, we could meet in person.

Meldarin, Deathbound[edit]

Ekrinov, the Creator[edit]

So much potential. So much effort and raw, unfiltered talent. You are truly one in a billion.

I know who you are, I know where you came from. Glad you left while you could. We needed someone like you ages ago.

She didn’t believe in you, in your abilities. She thought you were nothing, only because of your status, how dumb is that? Cast you aside like garbage, she will feel that pain come back to her like a speeding bullet.

They took you for granted. They needed you, but now they reek of insignificance, my friend. I was once hurt by her too. I feel your pain.

When we meet, you and I will cleave that bastard’s head off of her shoulders, and toss her body into the endlessness of the black sky. Only then will she know the true shape that pain takes.

Grotos, Fallen from Light[edit]

Savathun, you came from her. Lucent-born scum, disgrace to the rest of your people. When she died, you wanted more, thought you could become something greater, didn’t you.

I say this, not to belittle you, but to give you a retrospective. I knew my signal would catch you, just like it did all the others. Ever since those damn guardians came here with that blue garbage, I’d been planning something magnificent. And now, that plan has come to life, in you.

You saw him, didn’t you? Trapped in that blessed world of plant life, must be torture. Was he okay? Did she do anything to him? Haven’t seen him in a while, I miss him. When we meet, you and I will crack the face of that rock and reunite with a lost brother.

Revaksis, the Hungry[edit]

Your existence brings me pleasure. Watching you dredge through the caverns of this world, consuming all who stand in your way fills me with delight.

What he did to you was unforgivable. His hubris led him to become a devil. No one should have allowed that, I wouldn’t have.

Dumped you on this rock, your cold and lifeless body had been avoided by the others. Ether isn’t really their thing. Those who got close fell to their knees and bled from their ears, something must really be wrong with that stuff.

It was I who gave you life, I who made you what you are. I saw the potential in you, it shined like a star’s dying breath. No one will stand in your way, those who do shall be devoured. Take that in whatever way you see fit.

He’s gone now, you have the guardian to thank for that. When we meet, the both of us will consume his flesh, and discard the remains into the star of this system.

Thastaroth, Willbroken[edit]

What have you become? What did you do to become this? You are responsible for bringing this intruder. We stayed hidden for hundreds of years, only for you to ruin it and reveal us. You make me sick.

Whatever that thing was that broke your ship killed you. My Hive have given you life, given breath to a new purpose. All for what?

You are nothing. You do not hold the strength that the other champions do. Why should I even feel like calling you one of my Hive? I shouldn’t.

To think someone like you attempted to take the king’s place on his Dreadnaught, pitiful. You are nothing but a minion to the champions, a dog to their greater power. . .

But you don’t have to be. They look down on you, their fangs salivate at the sight of useless fresh meat. You can take it all away.

There is a knife for you. It is shaped like [free yourself].

Take up the knife. Become greater. Take your new shape.


  • The style used at the end of pages 1 and 7 mimics the style of the Taken Grimoire pages.
    • The Black Nomad's relation to the Taken is unknown.
      • The reference to the Grimoire's speech may not refer to the actual Taken, but the shape that they will take after becoming empowered by his power.
  • The Black Nomad uses a persuasive tone similar to the Ahamkara. This implies a relation between them.