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Behemoth Assault Transport
Production information


Shadow Legion
Cabal Deserters
Red Legion
Psion Conclave
Imperial Cabal

Product line:

Imperial Land Tank


Weaponized Mobile Assault Platform

Technical specifications


300 meters


240 meters

Other system(s):

Localized Shield Generator
Quantum Cloak
Large Lower Hangar
Amphibious Design


Heavily Armored


SolarS.png Missile Swarms
SolarS.png Defense Turret Array
ArcS.png Dual Rail-Cannons
SolarS.png Retractable gun batteries


Cabal Soldiers (Driving)
Automated (Weapon Systems)


Cabal Soldiers
Goliath Tanks


Year introduced:

Occupation of Alfehein


Heavy Transport
Weapons Platform


Behemoths are large Amphibious Tanks outfitted with tons of Artillery in addition to a massive lower Hangar to deploy its transported Vehicles like Goliath Tank. Their armament and systems consist of the following:


  • SolarS.png Missile Launcher Array - A set of 5 Missile Launch chambers on the top front of the vehicle.
  • SolarS.png Defense Turret Array - A set of 6 retractable dual-flak turrets with 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom of the vehicle's main hull. This array has the same tracking and targeting an Imperial Land Tank has for its Missile system.
  • ArcS.png Dual Rail-Cannon - 2 powerful cannons used for attacking infrastructure and other vehicles in front of the Behemoth.
  • SolarS.png Retractable gun batteries - A familiar sight of gun batteries from Warships like The Immortal that are used as both defensive (anti-aircraft and anti-missile) and offensive (anti-ground) systems, providing suppressive fire from the height of Behemoth's towering hull.


  • Localized Shield Generator - A powerful shield generator that protects the main body, but not the lower maintenance deck on the lower body.
  • Quantum Cloak - A powerful cloaking Tech that drops within striking distance of the target, it renders the Behemoth invisible to all forms of detection till it is within 2km of its target.
  • Large Lower Hangar - Allows for Goliaths to be hover-dropped from the Behemoth. As well as deploy Threshers as air support.
  • Amphibious Design - A Crustecean-like design that allows the vehicle to operate on water, and travel underwater.