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Bane of Oryx




Jolkris, Exiled Prince
Ze Erâh, Beloved by Jolkris
Morma, Heart of Jolkris
Julnak, Fist of Jolkris
Elnuk, Word of Jolkris
Vision of Jolkris
Ezathra, Swarm Mother
Son of Ze Erâh


Cosmodrome (formerly)
The Plaguelands (formerly)
California (currently)


Bane of Oryx is a Hive splinter Brood attempting to break away from Oryx and his Broods. They had nests littered all over the Cosmodrome, but after the death of their Prince, Jolkris, and the events of the Red War, they would abandon their home and would move out into the coasts of Californian Ruins, eager to rebuild their nesting grounds, but would be challenged by the incoming forces of House of Lions, resulting in skirmishes between the two.


The Bane of Oryx was created somewhere before The Taken War Campaign where a (soon to be) Knight, named Jolkris found a piece of the Traveler, instead of giving it the Wizards for some type of spell, he and a inspiring Deathsinger infuse it within his Worm to act as a enternal food source for it, the word was spead among the Hive and eventurally to Oryx, the Taken King. How ever he saw it as treason and heresy, for disobeying him he they were exiled. they were found by Savathûn, the Witch-Queen, using them to make a Brood for her own things, such as killing Oryx. Outside Savathûn, the Brood was named Bane of Oryx, calling out Exiled Hive to join their brood, even Ja-krag's parents and siblings joined the Brood, for a unknown reason. however After Oryx's death, Savathûn left the Brood for a unknown reason. Because of this, the brood had no true leader (and/or a God) for them. causing them do be alone and be a full true brood, travelling to Earth making their own Hive Nest and living own their on, fighting Remnants of the Blood of Oryx and Lion Scouts.

It's been rumored the Bane of Oryx are serving Xivu Arath, God of War.

Recent Events[edit]

Rise of Iron[edit]

Assassination of their Leaders[edit]

Red War[edit]

Fractured Worlds[edit]

Return of the Disgraced Prince[edit]

Uses of the Cryptoliths[edit]


Leaders and Generals[edit]

Notable Members[edit]

  • Might of Jolkris
  • Spawn of Jolkris
  • Sorag, Hammer of Jolkris
  • Norkarg, Hated by Oryx
  • Tornaa, Messenger of Xivu
  • Keragh, Bane Champion
  • Vision of Jolkris
  • Dornema, Hand of the Spear
  • Zalwûr, Hand of the Spear
  • Burden of Oryx
  • Toraa, Vassal to Jolkris
  • Feargoth, Breath of Ze Erâh
  • Bulgauluth, Learner of the Spear
  • Morgolth, Torment to Oryx
  • Megrath, Outcast
  • Korbahgrish, Protector of the Ritual
  • Sormaa, Disdained by Oryx
  • Mormug, Forgotten by Oryx
  • Dorig, Hand of Jolkris

Unique Forces[edit]


  • It's possible that the Bane of Oryx used to be part of The Silent Brood, as it's leaders were former members of that Brood.

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