Bungie ViDoc: O Brave New World

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To cap off Bungie's 20th Anniversary festivities, the team has assembled a near hour long documentary covering the studio's past, present, and future. Featuring insight from the team -- including their ever illusive Creative Director, Jason Jones -- and interviews from key industry veterans and luminaries, "O Brave New World" is both a celebration of Bungie's legacy and a love letter to the community of gamers who have embraced Bungie's games for two incredible decades.

The Bungie ViDoc: O Brave New World is the last Halo-related and longest ViDoc made by Bungie. It was released on YouTube on August 3, 2011.[1] It runs for 55:08, and summarizes Bungie's history and future, as well as Halo's creation. Though mostly new footage, it also contains parts from other ViDocs, as well as videos recorded during the early days of Bungie. The ViDoc marks the first time any media of Destiny is revealed to the general public.