Kar'uul, Indomitable Champion

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Kar'uul, Indomitable Champion
Ka'ruul (Ultra).jpg
Barrier Colossus

Kar'uul, Indomitable Champion is a Cabal Shadow Legion Colossus. They are a champion under Emperor Calus's ranks and was sent to challenge The Guardian and to stop them from reaching the Radial Mast.[1]


Kar'uul appears in the Colosseum of the Typhon Imperator in the final fight of the Downfall Mission. They appear when the plate further from the entrance is captured, along with many Cabal and Taken reinforncements. It is recommended to kill them before approaching the center of the arena, or their Quake is likely to throw a player into the abyss. Kar'uul naturally appears as an Ultra and becomes an Barrier Colossus at Hero or higher difficulty.



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