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Crusher Gralurk
Biographical information

Other name(s):

Gralurk, the Goliath
The Crushers' Might










Leviathan Crusher



Combat information


Ravaged Land


Cabal Kraken Launcher
Cabal Crusher Shield
Cabal Cluster Grenade
Cabal Leviathan Missiles
Cabal Inflamed Grenade
Cabal Magma Missile
Cabal Magnetic Grenade
Cabal Shock Missiles
Cabal Destroyer Grenade
Cabal Destroyer Missiles
Cabal Septic Canister
Cabal Viral Missiles


Limited Flight
Ballistic Deflection
Shield Lunge
Bleeding Debuff
Burning Effect
Magnetic Pulse
Shield Removal
Recovery Shutdown
Blindness Effect
Slowness Effect
Missile Quake
Crippled Debuff
Crusher's Grasp
Crusher's Might
Immunity Shield
Landmine Field
Arc Shield
Solar Shield
Void Shield
Napalm Field
Redness Effect
Deafened Debuff
Shocking Effect
Haziness Effect
Cluster Detonation
Paralyzed Debuff
Weakness Debuff
Cabal Orbital Strike
Ripper Pod Strike
High Durability
Summon Crushers


Crusher Gralurk is the leader of the Crusher clans established by the Denigrates.


Main Attacks[edit]

Gralurk is armed with a heavy arsenal consisting of powerful weapons. He primarily attacks with a Cabal Kraken Launcher rocket machine gun that fires constant barrages of seeking Solar warheads that release napalm pools upon detonation, burning and bleeding all who enter its radius. He pairs this with a large Crusher Shield that deflects all incoming attacks and can also be used to perform a lunge that can instantly kill anything in its path. Occasionally, he will unleash a magnetic pulse that removes the player's shields and disables recovery for a short time, toss cluster grenades that release explosive submunitions which blind and slow their targets upon detonation, and use missile pods on the back of his armor to fire Leviathan Missiles that release fast-moving quakes upon detonation; getting struck by a quake will send the player flying and cripple them upon landing, which causes knockdown and hazed vision. When faced at point blank range, he will pick up the player and attempt to crush them; shooting his arm will cause him to drop the victim.

Battery Charge[edit]

When his health reaches 50%, Gralurk surrounds himself in an immunity shield. The players will have 30 seconds to kill a set number of lesser Crushers before he activates a field of landmines which will instantly wipe the entire team. When enough Crushers are killed, the players will then enter a safety room above the arena to avoid being destroyed by the landmines.

Mass Destruction[edit]

After the landmine detonations pass, Gralurk will gain the ability to rotate through Arc, Solar, and Void shields. He will also have access to even more weapons he can use at his disposal, consisting of Inflamed Grenades, Magma Missiles, Magnetic Grenades, Shock Missiles, Destroyer Grenades, Destroyer Missiles, Septic Canisters, and Viral Missiles. Gralurk will even call in orbital strikes and Ripper Pods from above. He will remain in this state until he is killed.