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I am VulshokBersrker, a small editor on this site. I created the Did You Know Destiny cards, and I manage a character sheet for every race in the game. I have played this game since the famous loot cave was shut down. Now all that remains is a message for Rahool.

My favorite theory in Destiny is Ulan-tan's Theory on Light. His ideas about the Light and Dark being two sides of the same coin, and the idea that Light is connected across time and space are very interesting to me. I have researched this topic often, and with the release of Forsaken, hope to expand this theory even more.

I main a Warlock, because I seek knowledge about the world and its functions. Everything I see in this world, I question. I wonder how a thing works until I find out by digging into the lore for hours. It's one of the reasons I created my character sheet. If I hear a name I don't remember hearing, I can see basic info on that person to see if they have any lore connected to them. Ishtar Collective is a great resource for this, but sometimes the names of the character aren't fully said because the way the conversation flows in the lore. With my sheet, I can make sure that the lore I need to find is gonna be about that character.