Toil and Trouble (Quest)

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This article is about the Season of the Witch quest. For the Shotgun introduced in Forsaken, see Toil and Trouble.


Into the Depths


The Bladed Path

Toil and Trouble


Season of the Witch

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Quest Steps[edit]

Quest Step Name Quote Objectives Rewards
1. Complete the "Way of the Witch" mission.
"Journey into Savathûn's throne world and uncover its secrets."
Complete "Way of the Witch"
2. Reveal the secrets of the Hive by completing Savathûn's Spire.
"Claim the secrets hidden by the illusions of Savathûn's Spire.
Savathûn's Spire can be accessed via the H.E.L.M. in the Destinations tab of the Director.
Complete Savathûn's Spire
3. Investigate the portal in the southern wing of the H.E.L.M.
"Eris constructed a portal to Savathûn's throne world in the H.E.L.M. She waits in her Athenaeum on the other side"
Open the Portal
4. Speak with Eris in the Athenaeum.
"Eris waits in her Athenaeum , a secure corner of Savathûn's throne world."
Contact Eris
5. Visit the Lectern of Divination in the Athenaeum.
"Visit the Lectern of Divination to learn more about the Deck of Whispers."
Visit the Lectern of Divination.
6. Visit the Ritual Table in the Athenaeum.
"Investigating Eris Morn's Ritual Table may provide the answers you seek."
Visit the Ritual Table