The Nightstalker's Trail

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The Nightstalker's Trail
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The Taken King

Quest giver:



Find and rescue Tevis Larsen


Nightstalker sub-class
Nightstalker Cloak

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The Nightstalker's Trail is a Hunter exclusive Quest in The Taken King. The Guardian is tasked by Cayde-6 to find and rescue his friend Tevis Larsen in order to learn how to wield the Void as a Nightstalker.


A Ranger Lost[edit]

"I gave up on the Traveler long ago. But when I heard the Awoken had found a way into the Garden, I couldn't resist."
Tevis, Log Entry 20239

Look for signs of Cayde's missing friend among the Vex ruins on Venus. Complete mission "A Ranger Lost".


  • Cayde-6: Feel like taking a trip? I got a missing persons case. I sent a old friend, a Nightstalker named Tevis, out to map the Vex gate network. He hasn't come back back. Get out there and find him, Guardian. There aren't enough stalkers around we can just go losing one.

A Ranger Found[edit]

"I've had a dozen Hunters ask me why it's so hard to summon a Dusk Bow. I asked 'em what they thought of the Void, and their eyes told me everything. You can't be afraid. That's the secret. No fear."
— Tevis, Log Entry 19338

Hold the line against the Vex of the Black Garden, and save the Nightstalker Tevis. Complete mission "A Ranger Found".

Talk to Cayde[edit]

"Tevis seemed like kind of a cussed old guy. Which, now that I think of it, is just the kind of person Cayde would get along with."
— Ghost

Speak to Cayde-6 in the Hall of Guardians at the Tower.


  • Cayde-6: You did good. Tevis cheated in every game of dice we played. Wish he were still here. Keep his bow safe, Guardian.