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I'm glad you all had him. But he was ours first.[1]

Suzume is a Ghost who is partnered with the Hunter Shiro-4. Like Shiro, Suzume was a close friend of Cayde-6 and his Ghost Sundance.


"So... Does that mean you want a new name?"
"Hmm. No. I guess not... because I've already chosen what Shiro-4 means to me.
— Suzume and Shiro discuss his name

After the death of Cayde-6, Suzume attended a memorial service alongside other Ghosts and Guardians to mourn the loss of the Hunter Vanguard. She spoke at the event, recalling how Cayde had begun like every other Guardian but eventually distanced himself from the rest of them with his skills and achievements. Suzume told of how Sundance, Cayde's Ghost, took some time to get used to him, but that she shared his same spark and effortless sly. She then played a recording she once made of Cayde's embellished tale of how he met Sundance. Following the end of the recording Suzume stated that she played it not to get to the heart or core of whom Cayde was as a person or Guardian, but to showcase the armor Cayde often wore: humor. Suzume believed that now more than ever Cayde would want people to hear that story and have them laugh.[2]

Two years after Cayde's death, news about the rediscovery of the Deep Stone Crypt and the subsequent revelations of about the nature of Exos spread throughout the Vanguard. While flying in their Jumpship, Shiro suddenly questioned why "Shiro-4", causing Suzume to turn to him in concern. He elaborated that he meant that she could have told him any name when he was revived, and he would have believed her. She explained that it was hard encoded into him, like eye color in DNA. When he wondered why Shiro, Suzume noted that the name could mean castle or white depending on the context in old Japanese, although it could also mean innocence or purity. Her Hunter laughed at that, and Suzume agreed that the notion was amusing before inquiring as to why he was asking about his name now. Shiro referenced the recent revelations from the Crypt and how he was defined by the choices of others, even with his name. Uncertain as to where he was going with this and unused to soul searching, Suzume questioned if he wanted a new name. Shiro decided he did not, as he had decided what Shiro meant to him.[3]

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