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Vanguard Dare Suit


Vanguard Dare Suit





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Eververse Trading Company


Tess Everis


Vanguard Dare Suit is a Legendary Hunter armor set that can be acquired from Eververse Trading Company. It was later made available as a universal ornament for all Hunter legendary armors.

Vanguard Dare Casque[edit]

"Cayde was the smooth-talker. Shiro was the behind-the-scenes. Andal was the mastermind."
Ghost of Shiro-4

Vanguard Dare Grips[edit]

"I'm glad you all had him. But he was ours first."
— Ghost of Shiro-4

Vanguard Dare Vest[edit]

"Hunters never like Vanguard duty. Almost never. But Andal took it real serious. I don't think Shiro's forgiven him for it."
— Armor descripton

Vanguard Dare Boots[edit]

"No, Shiro's not available. But I knew Andal, too. What, I'm not good enough for you? You have something against Ghosts?"
— Ghost of Shiro-4

Vanguard Dare Cloak[edit]

"Course you gotta jack their stuff. That's how you show 'em you love 'em, Andal. Now lemme show you around."
Tallulah "Tallu" Fairwind


I'm always surprised by the stuff that sticks in my memory.

Long day with Andal in the Cosmodrome, relieving Fallen of their extra stuff—I mean, we must have been out there for eight or ten hours, must have picked up at least a couple kilos of high-grade spinmetal—but I don't really remember any of that. I remember being across from Andal that night, with a fire between us, dead tired.

When night rolled around on those trips, he'd get so quiet I used to think he'd fallen asleep. Thinking it all through, I guess. Lost in his own head.

I remember getting sick of hearing nothing but the fire, so I broke the silence. Said I really liked his cloak and was thinking that, one of these days, I just might steal it.

I remember the easy grin on his face when he said, "You'll have to peel it off my dead body."

"Great," I said. "Don't know if I've mentioned, but I got no problem looting a buddy's corpse. Waste not, want not, I always say. Besides, you'd want me to have it."

We laughed about that.

It's funny what you remember.

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