Quarantine Sector 236

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Quarantine Sector 236
Quarantine Sector 236.jpg


European Dead Zone, Earth

Enemy Factions:

House of Dusk

Connecting Areas:

Blackened Forest

Area Type:


Public Events:


Patrol Beacons:



Quarantine Sector 236 is a location in the European Dead Zone on Earth. It is visited only during the Story mission Spark. The entrance to the area is a heavily fortified checkpoint built during the Golden Age that has since been partially sealed by wreckage. The interior of Quarantine Sector 236 consists of an abandoned mining facility that segues into the Blackened Forest, a region of wilderness that has been heavily warped by the corrupted energy of the Shard of the Traveler. Scavengers from the Fallen House of Dusk are encountered in the mine.


Story Missions[edit]


  • It is unknown what Quarantine Sector 236's original purpose was. Although the checkpoint is ostensibly a Golden Age structure designed to contain or block access to something, the only hazard beyond it is the Shard of the Traveler, which is assumed to have broken off during the Collapse.

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