Nightmare of Cayde-6

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Nightmare of Cayde-6
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Manifestation of Ikora Rey's regrets


"He shot me with my own gun. Do you remember that?"
— The Nightmare of Cayde-6 to Ikora Rey

The Nightmare of Cayde-6 is the Nightmare of the dead Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6 who met his end to Uldren Sov. Recreated with the Darkness by the Lunar Pyramid by Emperor Calus, it serves as a manifestation of Ikora Rey’s deepest fears and regrets. When the Nightmare confronted Ikora, it told her that walking in uninvited was his thing. Ikora would call it nothing more than a memory, stating that it was not the friend she knew. It would remind Ikora of how Uldren killed him and she swore vengeance for his death, but she welcomed him instead. Ikora would shout that Crow was not Uldren, to which the Nightmare mockingly remarked it was not Cayde. Eris Morn would tell the enraged Ikora that it was best she returned. The fate of the Nightmare remains unknown. [1]

Personality and traits[edit]

The Nightmare of Cayde-6 serves as a dark representative of Cayde. It proves to be cruel and sadistic, smiling and smirking when reminding Ikora of Cayde’s death, blaming her, Zavala, and Uldren. The Nightmare also has a sense of humour, albeit a dark and twisted one, compared to the more lighthearted and jolly nature of the dead Hunter Vanguard. It joked about how walking in uninvited was his thing and accused Ikora of following suit, it would also sarcastically remark that it was not Cayde when Ikora said that Uldren and Crow were not the same.

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