Hymns of Fire

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Songs from the Void

Hymns of Fire
Exotic Weapon quest banner.png


Rise of Iron, The Dawning Holiday Event

Quest giver:

Commander Zavala


Talk to Banshee-44 in the Tower.

"The Titan who created the Thunderlord and Nova Mortis designed a third weapon: the Abbadon. After his death fighting the Hive, it was thought lost. but with the data from the Thunderlord and Nova Mortis, we can recreate it.

Talk to Banshee. He'll know if it's possible.
— Commander Zavala



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"The creator of Abbadon did not seek glory. He earned it."


Complete Songs from the Void quest.

The quest marker was bugged out, and erroneously appearing over Ikora Rey's head; the player has to speak with Zavala. [1]

Quest steps[edit]

What Remains[edit]

"Firing Abbadon is like holding a star in your hands. Feels good."



Banshee-44 is the only one who might be able to recreate the Abbadon.

"I don't remember much about the war to retake the Moon. A lot of Guardians went there, and a lot of Guardians died. Relics like the Abbadon are the only things left."
— Banshee-44

Cleansing Flames[edit]

"People say the assault on the Moon was a bad idea. I don't know about that…seems worse to just surrender that ground without trying to fight."
— Banshee-44


  • Get points from kills with Solar abilities in any activity.
    • 100 points


We're almost there, Guardian, but we still need something to fuel the fires.

"Takes a lot to light the flames of Abbadon. Cabal energy might be strong enough."
— Banshee-44

Burning Bright[edit]

"The Cabal are playing with fire on the Dreadnaught. Make sure you're not the one who gets burned."
— Banshee-44


Catching a Star[edit]

"The name of the Abbadon's creator has been lost to memory. Yours will be remembered."
— Zavala


  • Report to Commander Zavala in the Tower.


You have earned the right to wield the Abbadon.

"Titans tell stories about the Abbadon. We remember its song. And when we carry it into battle, we will remember those who fell in service to the Light.

Abbadon is yours now. Use it to create your own anthem.
— Zavala