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Zukrox, the Sister of Riven
Biographical information

Other names:

The Dragon of Madness
Mother of the Thousand Obhadr-Zhah
The Darkest Wish
The Wish of the Darkness
The Manipulator
The Winged Blight
The Queen of Madness


Ahamkara (corrupted by Hive Worm)


The Taken (partially)


Hive and Taken Commander


Taken Ahamkara




15 meters

Combat information


The Wings of Doubt Dungeon


Summon Hive
Summon Taken Blights
Absorb Hive
Ahamkara Reality Warping
Telepathic Communication
Primitive Shapeshifting
High Durability



"If you are going to do this to me then I'll tell you why I chose the destiny I did! Your Light WANTED ME DEAD! WANTED ME GONE! I HAD NO CHOICE! THE DARKNESS WAS OUR SPECIES'S SAVIOR!"
— Zukrox, the Sister of Riven

Zukrox, the Sister of Riven is a powerful Ahamkara that has been "reshaped" by the Hive and Taken. She is the younger sister of Riven, and the sister of Madadh. She is much unlike the rest of her species, preferring to use physical combat rather then using cunning and trickery against her opponents. She is the final boss of the Wings of Doubt Dungeon.

Unlike her sister, she rarely shapeshifted into other forms. She (much like other Ahamkara) are draconic in nature, with a large lizard-like body and huge bat-like wings that opens up along her back. She has four legs, two towards her head and two towards her tail. Her scales where a dark black with her horns a bright silver before she was transformed. Her snake-like eyes where thin and yellow.

After being "reshaped" by elements of The Darkness, her body changed and twisted to create a chitin exoskeleton, with her claws and spikes on her back turning into a dark-white chitin as well.


Zukrox's egg layed dormant for many years after Riven was given to Mara Sov and trapped in the Dreaming City until it finally hatched. Much like Riven, Zukrox was very small as a hatchling but grew at a slower rate then her sister. During the War for the Fang Moon, Zukrox was held by the wizard that lead the invasion, Khendiss, World Corruptor. Khendiss did many experiments with her, ultimately Taking her scales and leaving spots of Taken blight all over her body. During the same time, Savathûn herself placed a Worm inside her and added her as a major captain of her army.

Cult of the Green Dragon[edit]

Zukrox is worshipped by the Cult of the Green Dragon in various places along the Universe. When she broke free from Khendiss, Zukrox would distance herself from Savathûn and create her own brood, the Cult of the Green Dragon. The Cult of the Green Dragon is structured very similarly to other Hive cults such as the Cult of the Worm in the Prison of Elders. The brood functions like other Hive cults in that tribute is given to Zukrox from lower members of the brood. These tributes are then directly given to Zukrox.

The Obhadr-zhah[edit]

The Obhadr-Zhah are the spawn and children of Zukrox born from the by-products of the Spheres in the Grey Void. They are relatively small compared to Zukrox and Riven, standing at only 5 meters tall. Their body is very Worm-like, with its "head" covered in small 1 meter long tentacles. Along their body are hundreds of small eyes with small mouths spaced across as well. Unlike their mother, they can't speak at all and instead communicate with horrid stretches that will cause anyone that hears them to have their ears start to bleed. Only Zukrox can understand their cries of madness.


When encountered in the Wings of Doubt Dungeon, Zukrox will stand in the center with an immunity shield around her entire body. During this phase, she will shoot out streams of fire to players at a rate of once every fifteen seconds. At the end of each damage phase until 70% of her health, unique Knights will spawn with a red aura named "Draconic Priests". Three in total will spawn at random doors and walk to Zukrox. If not killed, they will be absorbed by Zukrox to regenerate her health and increase the damage of her fire breath. when six of these Knights are absorbed, she will scream and a wave of fire will explode from her shield, causing a wipe. If the Knights are defeated before she allowed to absorb them, Zukrox freezes allowing the Fireteam to damage her. This damage phase lasts 10 seconds.

When Zukrox reaches 70% of her total health, she will open her wings and fly to the top of an obsidian tower in the back of the room. A large and powerful Ogre will spawn named Notrur, Spawn of Zukrox. At the same time, a debuff named "Ahamkara Reality Warping" will start with a countdown from 35 seconds. This Ogre must be killed before the debuff reaches 0 or the Ogre will do a ground-slam attack that will wipe the Fireteam. If this Ogre is killed, then Zukrox will go to her next set of mechanics.

After the Ogre is killed, Zukrox will select one random Guardian and teleport them to a completely black room. They will be falling as two large Taken Blights spawn in front and behind the Guardian. A debuff called "Ahamkara's Cunning" will countdown from 15 seconds. Both Blights must be destroyed before then and if not the Guardian wipes. If both Blights are destroyed then the Guardian teleports out and a fifteen second damage phase begins. This repeats until Zukrox is at 3% of her health.

At 3% of Zukrox's health, she will start to slowly open her wings as Hive and Taken energy builds up around her. The Fireteam has 10 seconds to kill her before a massive explosion of energy causes the Fireteam to wipe.