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True Pain
Production overview


Unnamed Warlock

Rarity class:


Weapon type:

Hand Cannon


Ammunition type:


Service history


Forum:The Twelfth Disciple


True Pain is an Exotic Hand Cannon. It is mentioned to actually do damage to Forum:The Twelfth Disciple. It is a very good weapon.


(Not exact lore, just simplified) After Remnant 2 was raided, Forum:The Twelfth Disciple lead a raid on the Facility. A fireteam set out to protect the base and its AI. The frames at the front gate didn’t stand a chance. Neither did the heavy frames. When he made it to the AI core, he began extracting info out of the console while the AI screamed, though it didn’t hurt the AI, it gave the location of its Brethren. When the Fireteam made it to the AI core, they saw Forum:The Twelfth Disciple rip out the AI’s heart core. He crushed it. A Guardian charged him. The Twelfth Disciple flicked his hand so the guardian was propelled into the wall. The Disciple raised his sword made out of fire(Except the hilt) and threw it. The guardian screamed as the sword pinned him to the wall. The Disciple turned around, laughing menacingly. He made another motion with his hand and the blade propelled into his hand. He flipped it rapidly, so the fight began. A Warlock revived the impaled guardian. Using the only weapon that actually hurt him, held him off. He then made a Radiance to heal the other two and empower their rifles. They began firing rapidly. The Striker Titan tossed an electric grenade at the disciple. The Twelfth Disciple grabbed it and threw it back. The Titan shot it in the air. The Disciple explained that he’d been toying with them, and that he could kill then easier than he’d been acting. He flicked his hand as chains of fire seared their skin and locked them in place. The Disciples sword faded into a small black portal. He summoned two blades, more precise than the ones he used before, with the intention to get information, he then he got to work.