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Taken Wyvern
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Combat information


ArcS.png Distortion Cascade


Rapid Movement
KineticS.png Vex Melee
Fan Shield
KineticS.png Ground Slam (Ultra Only)
Deploy Blightling Swarm
ArcS.png Repulsion Blast


The Taken Wyvern is a Taken version of the Vex Wyvern units recently developed by the Collectives first encountered on Europa.


Taken Wyverns now fire their Arc-wave launching Warp Lances that create a Distortion Cascade similar to that of a wave-frame grenade launcher, but deals devastating damage where the blast actually hits. Much like Ultra Taken Phalanx' such as Grask, the Consumed, Gor'ath Gath and other similar units, the Taken Wyvern can launch a tether bolt at an opponent to pin them and drain them of their abilities. Taken Wyverns are also capable of an overhauled blast attack also similar to a Taken Phalanx, blasting a wide and long area with Arc energy, knocking their targets back extreme distances. Additionally, the Taken Wyvern can "shed" tracking Blightling Swarms that will chase down opponents to unleash miniature, but harsh blasts on their adversaries similar to that of Strand's Threadlings.

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