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Ray-59652 is a Exo Warlock Voidwalker who does not have Touch of Malice, Hierarchy of Needs, Vex Mythoclast, Eyes of Tomorrow, or 90% of raid or dungeon gear and Exotics. This is because his a nerd who does not do raids or dungeons. Well, aside that time he ran Garden of Salvation to get Divinity, then he attempted Duality and Spire of the Watcher. I think he is a masochist because he loves to play Crucible, but only on his Hunter who uses Raiju's Harness because he has zero skill at this game. He also has a absurdly high Exo designation because he likes the funny feeling he gets whenever he resets his memory. He honestly needs to stop playing Realm of the Mad God and kill Oryx the Nightmare Daddy in King's Fall rather than cringe stock 8 bit Oryx. Also, he hates Titans.