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Prime Scourge Servitor
Biographical information




Elite Heavy Guard
Forge Protector


Kell's Scourge


Prime Servitor

Combat information


Servitor Blast
Servitor Beam


Elemental Shield
Knockdown Effect
Scourge Lantern
Burning Effect
Sundered Debuff
Scourge Current
Shocking Effect
Blindness Effect
Scourge Suppressor
Poisoned Debuff
Slowness Effect
Servitor's Grasp
Servitor's Smite
Disoriented Debuff
Lethargy Effect
Staggering Burden
Ether Shield Ray
High Durability
Summon Fallen


Prime Scourge Servitors are large Prime Servitors that feature as the elite heavy guard of the Kell's Scourge syndicate. They are built exclusively to protect the Black Armory Forges.


Prime Scourge Servitors have several attacks that allow them to control the flow of battle when defending Forges. They can fire a barrage of Void Servitor blasts that seek their targets and inflict them with the "Scourge-Marked" debuff, which decreases weapon damage and ability recharge rate by 100%; alternatively, they can launch longer-ranged precision Servitor Beams that can deal precision damage and cause their victims to be knocked down for a short time. Occasionally, Prime Scourge Servitors can deploy one of three devices: a Scourge Lantern which releases a gigantic pool of fire upon detonation that inflicts heavy burning and sundering effects that stack with sustained exposure; a Scourge Current which releases a chaining web of electricity upon detonation that inflicts heavy shocking and blinding effects; a Scourge Suppressor that releases a large gas cloud upon detonation that inflicts heavy poison and slowness effects. When faced at close range, they can perform a Servitor's Smite melee attack that disorients the player's vision, disables sprinting and jumping abilities, and makes them more vulnerable to staggering mechanics for an extended period of time. To maintain their own defenses, Prime Scourge Servitors are protected by a random elemental shield that is immune to kinetic damage, and when shielding nearby Scourge units with Ether, their elemental shield negates all elemental damage bonuses and cannot be bypassed by damage-increasing buffs, but do not regenerate. Shielded Scourge units have their health fully restored, gain significant damage resistance, deal increased damage with a chance to deal precision damage, deflect incoming attacks, move faster, and pursue their targets more aggressively. When damaged, Prime Scourge Servitors have the chance to rapidly teleport short distances as well as cause the player to teleport to a random location that could put them in greater danger.