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Nokris, the Undesined Child
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All Hive


God of the Hive


Wizard God-King Fusion





Combat information


Dying of the Light
Darkest Hour


Dying Light
Darkness Blast


Icor of Nothing
Boundless Destruction
Summon Hive
Quick Movement
Broken Will
Temporal Shockwave
Hymn of Weaving
Dirge of Unraveling
Initiate Rejection
Aura of the Initiate
High Durability
Searing Torrent
Monument Ruination
Arc Darkness Bolts
Summon Taken
Grasp of the King
King's Decree
High Durability
Cast Doxology
Blighted Light
Smite of the King
Wrath of the King


"No god rules forever, not even me, only death is eternal. Allow me to show you, Lightborn."
— Nokris


Humiliated, defeated, dead, Nokris didn't know what to do as he pondered within his throne world. His God was dead, until he realized, Oryx was dead, his worm was as well. He was free, but dying. He made his way into Oryx's throne world to take what was rightfully his. The Oculus from the Warpriest, the Tablets of Ruin from Golgoroth, the Deathsong from The Sisters, and the power to Take, from Oryx. With these new powers, Nokris was unstoppable, until The Guardian rose to destroy Nokris for good.


Dying of the Light[edit]

Nokris appears in Dying of the Light in the Necrotrunnels to kill the Guardian. Nokris begins the fight by firing dying light at the Guardian which is an altered version of dying star in which leaves fire wherever it lands. If they player gets too far away from Nokris he uses homing darkness blasts at them. Nokris can also use Icor of Nothing were Nokris kills every enemy to launch a devastating attack at the player. Every enemy consumed by Icor of Nothing multiplies the damage of the attack so killing enemies is very vital. If Icor of Nothing is used with no enemies remaining, Nokris will be stunned once the attack is finished. Once Nokris reaches half health, he will use Dirge of Unraveling and Hymn of Weaving. Nokris will begin the song and will summon two Vessels of Oryx called Vessel of Weaving and Vessel of Unraveling. Find the orb within the map, steal from a Vessel, kill the Vessel, and then slam onto Nokris and whichever Vessel you took from is the one of the debuffs that will be disabled and the timer will be reset. Repeat the process and Nokris will cease the song. Occasionally, Nokris will use Necromancy and will revive all the Hive that was killed in the last wave will be revived along with the current wave. Once Nokris reaches almost zero health, he will retreat further into the tunnels into an area that looks like the Warpriest's arena except it's more flat. Nokris will use Brand of the Initiate where you must step on the correct plates at the correct time except now once you step on a plate during the sequence it will stay pressed allowing you to hope between plates, if you step on the wrong plate during the sequence, Nokris will use Boundless Destruction which will instantly kill you. If you get the sequence right, you will get the aura for ten seconds to do damage to Nokris however, you do not need to kill ads to restart the timer as running out of time simply gets rid of the aura and you must wait for another sequence but killing ads does restart the timer up to six times for a total of one minute of damage time but, going for that is more risky, every time you restart the timer, your damage intake multiplies by two. First two, then four, then six, and so on.

Our Darkest Hour[edit]

After killing Nokris in the story, Eris Morn asks you to gather a team to end Nokris' tyranny of suffering and necromancy for good. Nokris appears as the final boss of Our Darkest Hour in where he becomes more deranged and desperate as such, his attacks become more powerful and fast along with some Taken powers. He begins the fight by using Broken Will to clear the team of Light based abilities except for your jump ability. After that he will become invincible to all attacks while flying throughout the battlefield while using Smite of the King where he launches taken energy out of his eye except unlike his "Weak" (Quote from Nokris' "Books of Acceptance") father, he continuously fires out energy much like an Ogre. If you're team dies six times his Tablets of Ruin will be complete and everyone will die. After a while Nokris will expose himself to use Grasp of the King, hit him hard enough and he will stop the attack, now is the time to strike. Nokris will create a Darkness Dimension and will begin to pull in players to do battle with a Shadow of Nokris just like in King's Fall however, now players outside the bubble can attack Nokris however and if they do enough damage, Nokris will cease the dimension and will free every player but, if you don't kill the shadow after ten seconds after the last player enters the dimension, Nokris will cast Doxology to instantly wipe out the team. If you kill the shadow or do enough damage to Nokris, the dimension will close, freeing everyone trapped inside but in doing that, Nokris will use King's Decree, which will turn all Hive into Taken but, will give you one-use supers however, if the super generates orbs, you can use those to charge your super but, if they don't reach full within one minute via orbs, the super will dissipate. Occasionally, Nokris will use Monument Ruination which is an amped up version of Icor of Nothing where it splits into one to six homing attacks depending on how many Guardians are present but you can shoot them to explode the attack before it can collide with you or your teammates. Once Nokris reaches almost zero health, he teleports to the front of the arena to use wrath of the king where he starts charging a massive attack that will wipe out the team if not stopped. Kill him before this happens and Nokris and his kin will be eliminated for good.