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This article is about the Servitors created and led by Mimiks Prime. For the mini Servitor, see Forum:small boi servitor (Joke Boss).
Mimiks Minor
Biographical information




Barrier Servitor (The Ordeal)


House of Salvation


Major (Barrier Servitor)


Patrol Europa
Empire Hunt: The Reborn (Master)

Combat information


Servitor Eye


Summon Fallen
Extreme High Durability
Midair Levitation
Ether Shielding
Empower Allies
Berserk Mode


Mimiks Minors are a group of Fallen Servitors belonging to the House of Salvation. They were created by the restored Mimiks Prime to try to rally the remnants of Salvation under the Prime's leadership, and has unique abilities when it comes to Ether Shielding their allies, which can boost their Fallen compatriots' speed, resilience and more rate of fire (similar to that of an Empyrean Fallen). In battle against enemies, Mimiks Minors will rely on their Servitor Eye to shoot Void energy projectiles at their targets, they will also teleport around to defend themselves against their foes and can sometimes levitate off the ground to fly around in the air, however what differs from other Servitors is the Mimiks Minors' odd resilience, similar to that of Bok Litur, Hunger of Xol, which makes them a hard foe in battle, along with the ability to somehow go berserk mode, although rather than chasing their foes to melee them, they will instead fire a burst of Void blasts, which they will repeatedly do so until they hit their target. This makes Mimiks Minor strong bosses to Guardians and non-Fallen alike, which is best to treat them like a Major Servitor but with vast durability and watch out for their unique Berserk Mode.

One such Mimiks Minor can be seen in the Master version of the Empire Hunt for Mimiks Prime, although rather than being a Ultra, it is a standard Barrier Servitor that doesn't retain their unique abilites.


  • Mimiks Minor are one of two Servitor variants within the House of Salvation that doesn't bear the crude and painted appearance that usual Salvation Servitors has. The other is the Sentinel Servitors, which are exclusively seen in the Deep Stone Crypt.
    • This is most likely due to Salvation's abandonment of defiance Servitors and returning to the common worship of machines after the return of Mimiks Prime.

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