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House of Scar
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Drifis, the Daring
Kiriviks, King-Killer


The House of Scar was a House of Fallen that existed between the Dark Age and the early City Age. They were distinguishable by their tan-colored armor and brown cloaks. They first engaged humanity during the Six Fronts, and eventually went extinct after the death of their Kell, Drifis, the Daring.


Earliest Days[edit]

The House of Scar were one of the Houses of Riis that survived the destruction of Eliksni civilization during the Whirlwind. In the aftermath they were known to have fought the House of Winter and House of Kings, and migrated to the Sol System to reclaim the Traveler with the rest of their brethren. During the Dark Age they had attempted to establish territory for themselves on the Moon, only to be driven out by a mysterious threat and settle on Earth instead.

Battle of Six Fronts[edit]

"Whirlwind whisked us to this war-weary world;"
"We galloped the galaxy to grasp the Great Machine."
"It is not our fate to fail on this field!
— Drifis speaking to the Fallen army before Six Fronts






Known Members[edit]


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