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Firebase Cerberus is a Cabal base built upon the asteroid 87 Sylvia belonging to the Dune Raiders and currently acts as their main foothold in the Reef.


During the Red War, 87 Sylvia would be the battleground for a battle between the Awoken Armada and the Red Legion that resulted in a Carrier crashing onto the surface of the asteroid.

Eventually, following their escape from the Prison of Elders, the remnants of the Broken Legion make their way to Sylvia to hide from the Awoken. After Primus Lau'urc took full control of the remnants under the new name of the Dune Raiders, she would order the Carrier be rebuilt to their first ship - the Thanatos Transfuga - and the constructions of a Firebase that would act as their base of operations.

After the construction of Fleetbase Pytho on Titania, Firebase Cerberus would continue to serve as a secondary base and foothold in the Reef after much of their assets acquired through the years of plundering was moved to Titania.