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Biographical information


The Dread
Talons of the Watcher






Melee Berserker
Ranged Caster (Enraged)

Combat information


StasisS.png Eviscerator Greatmace


StasisS.png Frost Armor
StasisS.png Stilling Ruination
StasisS.png Goring Charge
StasisS.png Glacial Shards
StasisS.png Fractal Javelins
High Durability
Rapid Movement


Eviscerators are bulky Dread units developed from the form and design of a prior Disciple. Charged with Stasis and latent, esoteric power, these units form the bulwark of the Dread's berserk melee forces.


Eviscerators are bulky, muscular entities, just a head short of an Ogre. Like their peers in the Dread, they are covered in dark-blue pyramidal garb, emblazoned with orange patterns snaking around their limbs, gold trim, and white armor bits all over their bodies; additionally, some parts of their limbs appear glassy in a similar vein to Tormentors. Making them stand out from their peers is their rather wide, muscular build, cloven-hoof legs, three fingered hand with seemingly thick and long nails, pronged neck-crest and horned head—it's pyramid-patterned eye running up the length of its face to the horn's point—ignoring their massive Greatmace, of course. Additionally, like Skira's other Dread units, they are also covered in pyramidal material, forming a form of armor around their shins, forearms, chest and shoulders; the design of the armor is different from that seen on either a Warden or an Adjudicator.


Eviscerators are the Dread's new berserker unit and, thus, seek to put themselves within striking distance of their opponents as quickly as possible, all the while shrugging off incoming attacks. Their main means of attack are with swings from their StasisS.png Greatmace, which they will either bring down from over their heads for a circular AoE slam attack or from the side for a direct, semicircular, higher damage attack. When attempting to close the distance on an adversary, the Eviscerator may attempt a StasisS.png Goring Charge to knock a target back and negate their healing. Occasionally, the Eviscerator charge themselves with Stasis energy and start to slowly ascend before slamming their glowing mace into the ground to unleash a branching StasisS.png Stilling Ruination attack, first sending Coldsnap bolts forward followed by shattering and damaging energy. While a berserk unit, the Eviscerator is not helpless, as it can encase itself in StasisS.png Frost Armor to reduce incoming damage.

When it loses half of its health, the Eviscerator will enter their enraged state. However, instead of being more aggressive, they will, instead, start seeking nearby allies; the Eviscerator is now in their casting state, becoming more of a ranged unit. Channeling energy from their Greatmace, the Eviscerator will mainly fire out a burst of tracking StasisS.png Glacial Shards but will, on occasion, conjure a crackling orb above them which, after a time, will create powerful tracking StasisS.png Fractal Javelins, which freeze and shatter their target with deadly efficiency.

Notable Eviscerators[edit]