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Enkindled Captain, Emperor Traditionalists
Biographical information






Emperor Traditionalists




Patrol Decrepit Wastes
Heroic Public Events
Legendary Lost Sectors

Combat information


Shrapnel Launcher
Molten Welder
Shock Rifle


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Ultra Smash
Bloodshed Barrage
Enkindled Stream
Ichor Screech


Enkindled Captains, Emperor Traditionalists are a group of Captains belonging to the House of Emperors' Traditionalist group. Gifted by the power of Nexus, these Captains are tasked by their upper command to patrol their territories within the Decrepit Wastes and assist their fellow peers with their terrifying powers they possess. Showing themselves as a threat, these Captains were targeted by Guardians, under the guidance of Arzayna, which resulted in the elimination of one of these Captains.


Enkindled Captains can be seen on Patrol, Heroic Public Events, and Legendary Lost Sectors within the Decrepit Wastes. When facing these units, they will utilize their weapons of choice, (Shrapnel Launchers, Molten Welders, or Shock Rifles) and will attack with much force, teleporting away from shooter's sight to throw them off, or if close, will release a Ultra smash attack to push their foes back. However, what makes them more dangerous is their abilities using Nexus. Those who uses a Shrapnel Launcher, will holster their weapon and do a Bloodshed Barrage: forming and blasting a single wave of Nexus powered energy daggers against their attackers, if damaged by the Bloodshed Barrage, it will inflict Nexus damage. If using a Molten Welder, they will form a small, throwable Nexus energy ball that will create a spread of burning Nexus energy which can tear a player's health in seconds. But those who uses a Shock Rifle are the most deadly ones: At a certain point, they will stop to create several Nexus energy waves which can be very effective even at far ranges, and can deplete large chunks of health, to the point of killing a low level players by the third wave. These powers makes this enemies very annoying during combat, to counteract this, players either can move away from their attacks, or can shoot them in the head more than once, this will stop them from summoning their abilities. It is also useful to have Heavy Weapons in hand, or Supers active, which can help face off these Captains. If they are killed on Patrol, they can drop a loot chest which carry Legendary Weapons/Armors, or even Exotics sometimes.



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